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JumpStart 2nd Grade Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The AutoPlay screen, showing all the JumpAhead characters.
School's out for summer...
...which means our heroes, C.J. and Newton, can come out to play!
I bet you never guessed there was a lift back here.
The secret secret that you can even see it from outside!
The player periodically receives postcards, each of which offers a different challenge.
Receiving a postcard from a certain country lights it up on the map.
A memory game, involving maths, reading, and delicious apples.
Any Space Invaders fans in the audience?
Ice Cave. Solve quick-time arithmetic problems in order to freeze the weird bugs with the power of maths.
Log Ride. A Frogger-type game which involves maths and reading skills.
Cricket Band. This is a (very) simple music toy, with a Simon Says-type memory game for good measure.
Shakespeare the caterpillar blocks the way to Cave Writings, a reading comprehension game.
The Bone Vault...a centuries-old safe which can only be cracked open with the power of maths!
Football Field. Help Jump Ahead Utd. win the game guessed it...the power of maths.
The Boiler Room. The goal is to sort each object into the relevant bin, teaching hand-eye coordination and a little about recycling.
Finally, before we leave the classroom, there's a simple art program - a staple of edutainment games.