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Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main screen.
This is where you choose what your island will look like.
The first thing you see; an empty plot. Time to get crackin'!
You need security fences to keep your dinosaurs away from your visitors.
The hatchery is where your dinos come from, be it a carnivore or herbivore.
The viewing vent allows your visitors to get close, but not too close.
These devices spurt out food; bales of hay for your herbs, and goats or cows for your carnivores.
My first dino! With the arrival of a new species, your park is made aware of the type, as well as a brief description.
The Ranger Station is a MUST, as it allows you to heal sick dinos, or shoot ones that have escaped.
I'm in the helicopter, trying to shoot this dino with a sedative so I can move it.
Like every amusement park, you need bathrooms, or your visitors will leave.
The viewing platform allows your visitors to get a bird's eye view of yoru dinos.
The Cleaning Station lets you hire cleaners, who will keep your park tidy.
Your visitors will get hungry, so why not serve a Dino Dog and Fun Fries?
I've set the hatchery to produce Torosaurus', as they're the most popular right now.
This is the park entrance. Without it, you'll never get visitors.
You can enter your own viewing stations to get close up look at your dinosaurs.
You will get mail from your advisors, that are usually important.
I've opened the park, and am charging $200. My advisor says that guests will be arriving "soon".
The guests! They are arriving!
The Dinopedia has a wealth of information.
Before each mission, you get a flyby of the park.
Each mission has a description of what happened and what you need to do.
The dino's with a red exclamation above them are the ones you must shoot.
That's one dead dino.
This area of the park was crowded. I guess the rampaging dinosaurs scared everyone.
Was this dino chewing on another dino or a visitor? Hopefully another dino.
This dino managed to get through the fence. Oh well. Time to shoot him.
Mission completed! Too bad it resulted in all those expensive dinos being killed.
Upon completing a mission, another one is opened for you to attempt.
Flying the helicopter to rescue the president.
Nice shot if I do say so myself of a rampaging carcharadontosaurus.
A carcharadontosaurus and a spinosaurus enjoy an afternoon snack.
Looks like I got too close!