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Just Grandma and Me Credits (Windows)

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Just Grandma and Me Credits

Just Grandma and Me

Creative DirectorMarkus Schlichting
Project DirectorBridget Erdmann
ProducersRob Martyn, Claire Curtin, Philo Northrup
Production CoordinatorsSarah Shen, Elizabeth Stuart, Precilla Williams
Creative PrototyperAndy Purviance
Artists + AnimatorsBarbara Lawrence, Donna Bonifield, Don Albrecht, Bridget Erdmann, Michael Dashow, Tom Alpern, Shirley Cochran, Phillip Bossant
Lead Computer Graphic TechnicianRobert Hoffman
Computer Graphic TechniciansMinhee Choe, Christen Roberts, Barbara Beaumont
ProgrammersMark Webster, Glenn Axworthy, Michael Coffey, Jeff Mossberg, Stew Apelzin, Dave Lucas, Rod Wood, Matthew Siegel, Ed Rose
Activity Programming byBadi Malik, Robert Hoffmann
Music and Sound Effects byJoey Edelman
Additional Sound Design byElizabeth Stuart
Additional Sound Effects byMichael Barrett, Jeanne Parson, Klaudia Promessi, Jonelle Adkisson, Tom Rettig

English Voice Talent

CritterBlake Barbera
GrandmaMarkus Schlichting
Extra Character VoicesBarbara Lawrence, Tracy Tandy, Joey Edelman, Rodney Nelsen, Donna Bonifield, Don Albrecht, Michael Dashow

French Voice Talent

CritterNatasha Pirogovsky
GrandmaCatherine Debon
Extra Character VoicesAntoine Kaufman, Olivier Beaumont, Marianne Gargour

German Voice Talent

CritterAlissa Margret Kispersky
GrandmaGisela Rhinehold
Extra Character VoicesAlex Petrov, Yvonne Amrhein, Peter Frings, Karin Bauer
Voice DirectorYvonne Amrhein

Spanish Voice Talent

CritterRenie Joie Penna-Couttenye
GrandmaPatricia H. Norris
Extra Character VoicesLucha Rivera de Miller, Erika Luckett, Carlos Barón
Voice DirectorErika Luckett

Quality Assurance Testing

QA LeadTanya Hoole
TestersKeyki Bavand, Ron Paul, Carl Kohler, Chris Chavez-Krotky

Creative Services

Documentation SpecialistAnne Sete

Special Thanks

Special ThanksDonna Bonifield, Matthew Siegel, Scott Aronian, Christa Beeson, Dorothy Cribbs, Tony Fardella, Sue Hansen, Matthew Leeds, Mandy Thomas, Jeff Schon, David Samuelson, Susan W. Lee-Merrow, Heath Ames, Robyn Berry, Edgar Dejan, Kim Dempster, Kelly Free, Marianne Gargour, Chris Jones, Reenie Katz, Cynthia Leonard, Les Lifter, John McLennan, Kris Moser, Grace Pascual, Randal Spencer


Copyright© 1993 & 1997 Living Books and Mercer Mayer, Mercer Mayer, All rights reserved, Living Books is a registered trademark in the United States; of Livings Books; a Brøderbund company, Little Critter is a registered trademark of Mercer Mayer, Just Grandma and Me © Copyright 1983 Mercer Mayer

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