Ka-52 Team Alligator Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
The best [art of the game -- encouraging Akula with some good Amerikanski porn.
The detailed mission planning screen
The game only has a virtual cockpit, which is extrememly blurry and difficult to use (you can zoom in on the MFDs though)
One of the training missions has you flying around the airbase water tower, just like in Team Apache's training mission.
Your copilot/gunner sits tandom right next to you.
Flying through the goofy looking tree mounds at dusk
Not good... a group of SA-15 SAM launchers...
MIssions often include other types of friendlies such as the Mi-24 Hind and foul weather comes into play often
A winter wonderland in Siberia!
Helicopters are perfect for urban pacification...even in places that might seem quaint.
Don't you hate it when the cowards hide out in civilian areas?
Bob and weave...bob and weave...gotta dodge that AAA
Taking off with my team and a Mi-28 Havoc tagging along also
Where is that T-54 hiding out at? The co-pilot/gunner sometimes refuses to target things right in front of you.
uh oh...it would not be fun getting hit by a 100mm shell from this T-54
Givening them hell with my 80mm rockets
Gotta watch out for those ZSU-23's and their flak
The KA-52's 30mm chaingun is mounted on the side of the fuselage, to prevent damage during low-level flying and landing
Coming home...all in a day's work