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Kabus 22 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Windows Title Screen
When this monster touches you, you hear a nasty sound and see a Silent Hill-ish grainy filter over the picture.
Our heroine, Ebru.
Ebru's inventory.
The texts in the newspapers are written rather awkwardly, though this may be a localization problem.
Shooting flying monsters is even harder because Demir can't aim up or down.
Demir can also use a stationary gun mounted near Maiden's Tower, though it looks like there is infinite number of gargoyles there.
Cutscene: Enters mystical Inzar.
This monster's appearance is quite similar to a Hunter from Resident Evil series.
The game has a certain eastern flair in its visuals.
This scene looks like an addon for The Sims 2.
You can't go by this point
A beast!
The dark street
Another dark place
Another part of the town
On the island
Soon you can switch your character
You must walk a lot before this area opens
A boss
Silent Hill inspired level
Yeah, Really SH style