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Kairo Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The in-game menu
Starting location
This symbol often appears throughout the game.
Walking over this bridge, the gates are raised or lowered by walking forwards or backwards.
A garden made out of blocks.
Sometimes the scope of the environments is huge.
There are plenty of clues in the environment to help solve the puzzles.
An energy beam has been activated.
A strange location with floating platforms
Another energy beam
This large area has an unusual maze based on your movement.
Some locations show TV screens with vague pictures, hinting at a lost civilization?
Standing in a stream of water
A large area with a puzzle based on rotating a lens.
An energy bridge has been created to travel to a new location.
Walking towards a portal in the dark.
A blue room and screen with a mysterious character
Plenty of clues here: only one blue flame is lit, so you need to do something else to progress.
One of the fun rooms. This is a starlab where you can alter the stars.
Almost all locations look completely deserted.
Walking outside a huge pyramid on a futuristic bridge.
A puzzle with a large energy ball has been solved.