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Kane & Lynch: Dead Men Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Wake up Mr. Kane, the police van is going to suffer an accident.
Lynch fights a police officer from the van.
Man!, what's going on!?
10 seconds into the game and there's already at least one dead cop.
Kane draw first blood.
Why do we always have to climb over something in order to flee from cops?
Another one will soon bite the dust.
Kane is too badly hit and waits for a teammate to give him adrenaline.
Your road to safety is over there but there are cops everywhere.
Nice photo of me and the boys playing with a heli.
Half of the city cops are behind your back.
Cover yourself behind whatever you find.
Your health is getting low.
Your first moment of rest
Part of the dialog is performed while loading.
Graphics are not the best feature of this game.
Lynch is going to be your watchdog for now on.
Somebody that shoots dead people once in a while.
Best way to rob a bank? Gas it to make all them sleep.
But don't trust a psycho with all your hostages.
A sniper is aiming at you.
Car chasing after the massacre at the bank.
Using grenades to take some advantage.
Lynch explains his condition.
Our favorite couple goes to Tokyo.
Please God make Lynch behave in here.
Find the two persons that don't quite belong.
What do 500 people do together in a game like this?
Run in fear, of course.
Team Work, mark the snipers for Lynch so he can take them out.
Game's direction changes in this decisive scene.
Mass murderers drive big cars.
Taking down a helicopter.
Tokyo from atop
Hunting Retomoto.
Retomoto's office has been "cleaned".
Later stages of the game take place in civil war torn Cuba. From the capital of Havana...
to the deep jungles of the island.