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Kaos Online is an MMORPG. All characters can express their emotions, such as joy, sadness or anger, as well as dance and greet other players. The landscape changes with the day or night, the climate changes the effect of spells, and there is a large amount of weapons available. The player can buy pets that help in the battles, gain experience and can collect items to increase the powers of his character. It also includes a clan system where players can collect taxes from others in the clan.

After catastrophic changes in the environment of the planet, the UN was given permission to evacuate from Earth. Ships of the armed forces left the orbit leading populations to a place called Eden. These groups consisted of people with different kinds of proficiency, such as terrorists, prisoners, hackers etc. At the beginning of the journey the seeds were already sown for social unrest and it grew into a rebellion. Hackers discovered that the ship was a huge nuclear bomb and that they had fallen into a trap sordid and cruel. The evacuation of the Earth was nothing more than a ruse to purify the social problems in a simple and fascist. Thus, the mission crew came together around the most intellectually gifted and forged a plan for survival and revenge, where they would guide the explosives toward the orbital station and headed to Jupiter. At its destination, the rebels were faced with a highly developed alien species planned to use their superior technologies to dominate and enslave all that was on its way. The rebels tried to resist using the artifacts found in the evacuation ships, developing powerful weapons. Everything was in vain, and killed millions of humans who survived were enslaved. Other species have allied themselves with the people of Earth, preferring to die fighting to become servants of being negligible.

That way Kaos Online represents the struggle between different types of species.
  • Humans: the rebels are fighting for their survival using the technology. They have abilities such as invisibility, accurate shots, piercing shots and long-ranged weapons.

  • Bulkans: highly developed aliens who try to dominate other species with their technology. They are the only ones able to use the Slayers, huge swords that cause immense damage, and the Chakuram circular weapons that stun or paralyze enemies.

  • Kailiptons: mages who use powerful spells to defeat opponents. Their attacks are fireballs and lightning bolts, or waves of sharp stones, and even curses that reduce the ability of defense and attack their opponents.

  • Aidias: small beings who use nature for defense or attack. They transform into clouds of butterflies, ghosts of beasts and monsters to attack, draining energy from the earth to increase the attack power. They have the ability to heal with magic and vitality to share with peers.


Kaos Online Windows One of the enemies of the game
Kaos Online Windows Attacking the Giant Spider. Playing in the windowed mode.
Kaos Online Windows The main menu

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This game was taken down permanently in May 2009

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