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Kenny’s Adventure: In search of family treasures Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen.
Main Menu.
The adventure begins. The question marked signs are tutorial points.
You can use these to bounce up to higher platforms.
A checkpoint marker.
You can stomp some of the enemies but not most.
Riding the bubbles up to grab the artifact on the right.
Get into your submersible once you've collected everything.
Level complete! The treasures I've collected, plus I'll get a note on how many secrets I've discovered.
Watch out for dripping algea.
Found a secret beyond my submersible! Ooh a 1-up!
Be careful not to land on the mine.
These sunken boxes also act as unsteady platforms.
Going to explore a cave which will take me to another part of the level.
Taking aim at a marlin.
Riding a turtle across a chasm.
Fighting a giant octopus. I'm invisible because I'm flashing from a recent hit.
Boy I hate those jellyfish!
You'll often see strange creatures embedded in the seabed such as aliens, dragons, and sometimes and entire UFO.
It was only a matter of time these guys showed up.
Ack! He killed me!
Collecting a part of the Stone of Destiny.
The Stone of Destiny also acts as your map.
The second world has a sunken pirate ship theme to it.
I was wondering when we were gonna get secret areas that needed you to go through walls.