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Brash Games (Dec 04, 2015)
If it seems like I’ve not spoken much about the base mechanics of Kero Blaster, it’s because there’s no need. You’ve played this game a thousand times before. It’s a run-and-gun platformer with pixel graphics and plinky-plonk music. But this is one of the purest, most addicting forms of that genre. It’s the best parts of Megaman and Contra distilled through the brain of a man who only wants to bring you joy, to make you feel that sepia-toned happiness you thought had ceased to exist. There’s a part of your heart that’s become calloused throughout the years, let Kero Blaster make it feel fresh again.
Destructoid (May 18, 2014)
If Cave Story was Amaya's answer to Super Metroid, Kero Blaster is his Mega Man X. It's dense and perfectly paced, just begging to be replayed over and over. If I were to have to introduce someone to the genre of 2D action/platformers, it is probably the game that I'd give them, as it starts off easy-yet-engaging, and ends with giant bosses, swarms of enemies on screen, and everything else you could want in the genre. It's a game you may beat in a day, but will be playing off and on for a lifetime.
80 (UK) (Jun 02, 2014)
The game's latter stages are longer and more demanding: platforms become thinner and require more precise timing with jetpack thrusts and leaps. But there are so few superfluous adornments that, even when you're sent back to the beginning of a stage, you'll rarely switch off. Kero Blaster's sharpness of focus elicits the same response in its player. While research shows that the majority of games remain unfinished by their players, Kero Blaster draws you steadily through to its conclusion, a three-hour trip that demands to be finished. Amaya's singular vision is beguiling and, while this game is a more straightforward proposition than the enchanting crisscross complexity of Cave Story, it's no less delightful.
PC Gamer (Jun 03, 2014)
I enjoyed Kero Blaster enough to blast through its first few levels a second time in New Game+, and like he did with Cave Story, Amaya's hidden some secrets for that second playthrough. Speedrunning levels in New Game+ with powerups intact is a fun reminder of how far you've come in a few hours, and there's an air of mystery to the story and its characters that sticks with you. Just don't go in expecting Cave Story's grandeur—Kero Blaster is an intentionally short, straightforward game. While dozens of Kickstarters use nostalgia as a selling point, Kero Blaster unassumingly shows how to make an 8-bit platformer for modern PCs with a light contemporary touch. It's refreshing to play a game with such mechanical purity, even if it doesn't do much we hadn't seen by 1993.
78 (Aug 07, 2014)
Hach, schön: Kero Blaster ist für mich in Spielform gepresste gute Laune. Wenn ich mit dem waffenstarrenden Frosch durch seine niedlich designte Welt tapse, fühle ich mich fast so wohl wie früher vorm Amiga. Ein echtes Highlight sind die zahlreichen aufrüstbaren Projektile, welche toll aufs Leveldesign abgestimmt wurden. Im Gegensatz zu Spielen wie Fly'N oder cleveren Plattform-Knoblern hegten die Entwickler aber keinerlei Ambitionen, selbst Impulse zu setzen: Kreative Aha-Erlebnisse gibt es hier nicht. Stattdessen lässt Kero Blaster einfach nur klassische Plattform-Action aufleben – nicht ganz so knifflig wie in Shovel Knight oder MegaMan 10, aber trotzdem unterhaltsam und sehr charmant.