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VR Heads (Sep 12, 2017)
Overall, Killing Floor: Incursion exceeded my expectations. It's a gloriously violent adventure that demands you stick around until the end. The story mode featured more plot and character reveal than I usually get with a zombie shooter, and the story happens in such an isolated fashion that playing through it adds just enough to the overall Killing Floor story to justify its existence. The gameplay is great when playing with two Oculus Rift sensors, but truly shines when you have three set up. My only real complaint with the teleportation mechanic used in this game was the two times I accidentally teleported into a wall and had to restart the game. That shouldn't be a thing.
Hey Poor Player (Nov 22, 2017)
Despite its brevity, Killing Floor Incursion is a sublime VR power trip that’s equal parts exhilarating and terrifying. Whether you’re taking the fight to the Zed horde solo or waging war with a friend at your side, this is one bloodbath you won’t want to miss. Just be sure to bring a poncho. Who knew slaughtering waves of the demonic undead was such messy work?
UploadVR (Nov 14, 2017)
Killing Floor: Incursion isn’t the best zombie game I’ve played in VR (that would still go to Arizona Sunshine) but it does a lot right. The unsettling atmosphere is pervasive through each level and the excellent gameplay mechanics between melee and gun combat feel visceral and satisfying. While it does clock in a bit shorter than I’d have liked with only four levels, they are each large and fun to explore. I absolutely recommend that you grab a buddy for some insane co-op fun and lop off a few zed heads for a good time.
VRFocus (Oct 29, 2017)
So is Killing Floor: Incursion still worth getting? Damn right it is. The videogame does have its faults but they aren’t gameplay breaking. Killing Floor: Incursion’s single-player campaign is a glorious action romp that’s easy to play through in one sitting. One thing not mentioned so far is the fact that there’s a co-op option, and as every gamer should know, bringing a mate along to cover each others back only increases the fun factor.
Darkstation (Sep 07, 2017)
This is, at least, partly true of Incursion as well, which despite its excellent use of VR, is still a pretty familiar-feeling product. Ultimately, Killing Floor: Incursion is an atmosphere-and-action-heavy game, so most of its flaws will be subsumed by the moment-to-moment need to survive the next wave of enemies or to solve the puzzle that opens the next area. Relative to the short, demo-like products that continue to populate the Oculus store, Killing Floor: Incursion feels substantial. If this genre is your jam, and you have the Touch controllers, you won't be disappointed.
Overall though Killing Floor: Incursion is a pretty solid VR experience. The single player (or co-op) provides a great atmosphere. When it comes to getting the horror aspect to be actually horrific, Tripwire Interactive has done an excellent job. It’s really that experience that sells it. No, the enemies aren’t terribly varied, but Zeds seldom are I suppose. It’s not Killing Floor as players are used to, but that shouldn’t matter. If you like shooting Zeds and hate the prospect of having clean underpants then this is the game for you.
GameCrate (Jan 30, 2018)
Killing Floor: Incursion is a VR game that’s so close to being good that it’s upsetting how bad it actually is. There are moments when Incursion feels like the future of VR horror, but then you drop your gun for the 10th time while slowly moonwalking backwards away from a Fleshpounder and you want to scream in frustration and panic because the whole thing just feels like it doesn’t work. If you’re a die-hard fan of the Killing Floor franchise and happen to own an Oculus Rift, Incursion might be worth picking up for a steep discount, but if you’re on the HTC Vive we highly recommend you avoid this game until Tripwire gives it some TLC.
47 (Sep 06, 2017)
Killing Floor: Incursion beweist, wie wichtig auch in VR spannend inszenierte Kämpfe sind - oder besser gesagt: wie sehr man ihr Fehlen vermisst. Tripwire Interactive hat seinem Zombie-Gemetzel einen gelungenen Rahmen verpasst – inklusive hübscher Kulissen, einer charmanten Story-Einbettung sowie einer komfortablen und hochpräzisen Bewegungssteuerung. Doch all das nützt wenig, wenn die Zombie-Horden meist schlicht wie an der Perlenkette an die Schlachtbank geführt werden. Es kommt einfach viel zu selten ein Gefühl der Bedrohung auf, so dass ich mich meist unmotiviert durch die Monsterhorden metzelte. Selbst das schwache Arizona Sunshine hat mich in diesem Punkt etwas stärker ins Schwitzen gebracht.

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