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kill.switch Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The main menu in all its glory...
As you might expect, a tutorial guides the player through the first steps of the game
Blindfiring from behind some crates.
Sneaking along behind some crates.
Sneaking up on some unsuspecting enemies.
"Take that you vile cardboard cut-out!"
Here you are taught the ancient art of circle-strafing.
The middle east
This one is in for a surprise.
Careful aiming is rarely necessary.
This enemy soldier soldier is either really brave or really stupid ...
Even back in 2003, those weren't really good graphics.
Our Hero, in all his glory
This is on nasty gun-emplacement
"Mercy is for the weak!"
"Run Forrest run..."
A lot of cover, a lot of opportunities...
Bad chopper
Captured gun-emplacements can be used for rapid enemy disposal
No, he's not dancing ...
Rooftop fighting
This Blackhawk is the pickup once the mission is over.
A heroic dive for cover
Crossing here doesn't look like a good idea ...
Melee fighting (and clipping)
An explosion (too) close by, causes the screen to blur.
The health pickup did probably not win any prices for novelty.
Notice the raindrops on the "camera".
"You can run but you can't hide"
Later the game takes you to an oil-rig.
This blue circle marks a mission objective.
No shooter without sniping
"Switching" the Generator off.
"You want a piece of me?!!"