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Kingpin: Life of Crime Credits

122 people (92 developers, 30 thanks)


Original Concept, Design and DirectionDrew Markham
Level / Scenario DesignAaron Barber, Richard Farrelly, Alex Mayberry
Lead ProgrammingRafael Paiz
CG Supervisor and Animation DirectionBarry Dempsey
A.I. and Effects ProgrammimgRyan Feltrin
Game Programming/Audio EngineeringSherman Archibald
Additional Tool ProgrammingRobert A. Duffy, Alexander Malmberg, Tim Wright
3D Character Animation Tools ProgrammingGerry Tyra, Mark R. Rubin, SA Technology
ArtistsViktor Antonov, Claire Praderie
Character Art and DesignCorky Lehmkuhl
Senior Animator & ModelerJason Hoover
Senior Game ProgrammerJoseph Aurili
Lead Character Animation and Motion CaptureAmit Doron
AnimatiorDominique Drozdz
Art DirectorMichael Kaufman
Technical Lead and Senior Level DesignDan Koppel
Senior Level DesignMal Blackwell
Sound Design and Foley ArtistGary Bradfield
Production CoordinatorVictoria Sylvester
Production AssistantJoey Geiger
Network Administration and Additional DialogueSteve Goldberg
AdministrationMinerva Mayberry, Max Yoshikawa
Additional Team-Play MapsBrandon Fish, David Ward
Game TestersDaniel Levin, Ed Kang, Brandon Fish, Chris Bokitch, Michael Weber, Steve Rosenthal
Production BabiesMark Benjamin Paiz, Jake Harrison Kaufman, Pauline Marie Markham
Music Written and Performed by CYPRESS HILLB-Real, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog, Bobo
Executive ProducerGreg Goodrich, Drew Markham
Character Voices Written and Performed ByDrew Markham
Female VoicesTasia Valenza, Zeena Wild
Additional VoicesB-Real, DJ Muggs, Sen Dog, Bobo
Motion Capture Actor and StuntmanBrian Simpson
Motion Capture ActressShawn Wolfe

Special Thanks to our Friends at ID Software

Special ThanksJohn Carmack, Brian Hook, Kevin Cloud, Paul Steed, Tim Willits, Jennell Jaquays, Katherine Anna Kang, Brandon Fish, John Cash, Adrian Carmack, Kenneth Scott, Graeme J. Devine, Christian Antkow, Brandon James, Todd Hollenshead, Donna Jackson

Special Thanks to Interplay Productions

Vice President of MarketingCal Morrell
Public RelationsErin Courtney, Lisa Fleury
ConsiglierePhilip Terzian
International AffairsAileen McKeagney, Richard Barker, Sue Ganz-Schmitt, Kellee McKeever Duby
Vice President of DevelopmentTrish Wright
Interplay ProducerAlan Barasch
Director of Quality AssuranceJeremy S. Barnes
Qaulity Assurance ManagersGreg Baumeister, Michael Motoda
QA Project SupervisorJeremy Ray
Compatibility TechniciansDerek Gibbs, Jonathan Darke, Joshua Walters, David Parkyn
TestersDanny Martinez, Richard Avalos, Ismael Quijano, Ed Kang, Daniel Levin, Rodney Smith, Sean Johnson, Edward Hyland, Donnie Cornwell, Jay Nielsen, Don Pierce
Traffic ManagerPaul Naftalis
Manual Design & LayoutMichael L. Quintos
Installation ProgrammingDarren L. Monahan

Special Thanks to Activision

Special ThanksMarty Stratton, Sean Dunn, Brian G. Kelly, Steve Stringer, Mitch Lasky, Marc Bennett
Activision Quality AssuranceDaniel Whittier, Glenn Ige, Gary Bolduc, Tim Vanlaw, Jason Wong, Jeff Nachbaur, Michael Spann, Ferret Baudoin, Mark Robertshaw, Neil Barizo

The Producers Wish to Thank for All Their Help and Support

Thanks for Help and SupportDon Maggi, Wes Stevens, Tricia Eherman, Jermaine Rogers, Paul Vais, Henk Hartong, Bill Dugan, Mary Jane

Music Credits

"16 Men til there's no men left" - written byLouis Freese, Lawrence Muggerud
"Lightning Strikes" - written byLouis Freese, Senen Reyes, Lawrence Muggerud
"Checkmate" - written byLouis Freese, Senen Reyes, Lawrence Muggerud

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Credits for this game were contributed by Accatone (5319), formercontrib (158535), Sherman Archibald (5) and Riamus (8519)