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King's Quest: Mask of Eternity Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Starting location. See King's Quest in 3D for the first time in history!..
Fighting with bare fists - and still managing to finish off this unfriendly character
Pick up and eat the mushrooms in order to restore your energy
Exploring a house... warming yourself at the fireplace
Connor, the new Picasso
A Daventry fountain
The rivers aren't deep enough for our hero
Mm, this looks tasty!
This church has seen better days
Fighting undead in the cemetery
Receiving a map from the wizard
Using the map
Strange sign... What could that mean?
Getting a quest from the knight
This strange creature claims it was a unicorn before...
Hmm, where does this path lead us?..
Vanquished two foes in a heated battle
Oh wow, this guy's got a big horn!.. Also, check out my new armor!..
He's got a Flamethrower!?..
Fighting a red demon on a bridge! Armor upgraded once again
The valiant Connor jumps straight into the lava. He shouldn't have done that...
Ahh, the joys of first-person exploration of the Barren Lands, a strong bow in my hands...
Attempting to shoot a temple from my new crossbow. That doesn't seem to work
A reasonably well-equipped Connor showing how much junk he has collected during his journey
Exploring mysterious tombs. Connor looks curious here
Connor is staring at the Basilisk with awe. Yup, it's for us to figure out how to vanquish that beast!
What up. Such people inhabit the Barren Lands... they have set up a camp of sorts, and I'm trying to communicate
Assa!!... Connor suddenly reveals his true temperament, breaking into a hot Georgian (or maybe Hassidic) dance at the sight of that red thingy. Nah, actually it's just the end of a jump animation
Oh wow, look at that! Connor can climb such structures easily with a rope and a hook. Old Egyptian people silently condone his actions
Take this, you... you... tomato!!... ... Calm down, Connor. Look at that portal - where do you think it leads?..
That's it? Why, thou dost not require much, my fair winged lady with expensive lingerie...
You venture into the Underground Land of the Gnomes. Taking to a gnomish weapon seller
The game looks better in Open GL mode. Check out those nifty shadows as I practice my bow skills on those weird tree stumps
Connor is proudly displaying his brand-new red armor. Probably made by the Swedish company Nord
This is not a cutscene - I just switched to first-person view and am enjoying a breathtaking panorama of the lush land below...
Hey man, I'll be right back!.. You just... hang in there, okay?..
A boss battle against a witch in the Swamp Region. She throws projectiles at me while I'm slowly wading through the quagmire. How mean!..
Slow down, Connor. There is no need to wave that hammer around. This house seems to be empty...
A beautiful view opens to you when you reach the Frozen Realm!
She is clearly hitting on Connor. I'm not sure how a chaste, morally impeccable knight should react to this
A magnificent cutscene showing Connor riding the Crystal Dragon
Fighting a fearsome two-headed dragon with your brand new fire sword!
Finally, finally good weather!! Wee!... Connor is jumping with joy at the sight of beautiful green meadows...
...thought perhaps it's not yet the time to express such boundless mirth. This high-level enemy in the game's final and longest dungeon means trouble!..
Connor clad in his ultimate armor. A friendly ghost is nearby
Nearing the game's end. Connor is posing with an impressively-looking shield. I wonder where I've seen it before?..