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Knights of the Temple: Infernal Crusade Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
This building has got serious structure problems.
Cliffhanger's paradise
Game menu in "Pause" mode
Typical mission briefing
Sword of eternal fire brightens up your day.
F1 shows your current Powers, Attacks and Combos.
Using a bow is like FPS.
Ghosts can be really tricky to spot and target.
Those strategically placed statues save your game progress.
2 enemies can be twice as fun to fight, then another 3 jump in.
This library is definitely posessed!
Outside the ruins, in the fog
Up close and personal - our hero!
Note 3 colored bars on the top - Health, Special Attacks and Powers.
Don't get that thing near me!
Black Knights are very tough in the beginning.
Fighting Saracens in the Holy Land.
Close quarters fights aren't easy to win.
Before each new level you'll get a prompt like this one.
Swords will produce sparks in the dark.
Three against one - that's unfair. They didn't stand a chance!
He's got me! Time for revenge!
Bows can be upgraded for more efficient models.
This lion's statue is not just for show.
Road to hell
Doors here are protected by pentagrams, to keep monsters inside.
I don't trust shaky bridges like this.
Ghosts can be killed too.
Those monsters always give me the creeps.
The toughest fights in the game are in the last level.