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The Knobbly Crook Credits (Windows)

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The Knobbly Crook Credits


StoryEthan James Petty
ArtEthan James Petty
ScriptingEthan James Petty
Additional ConceptsJulien Fullum
Music ByPitx ‑ visit, The Gothsicles, Fireproof Babies
Voice TalentEthan James Petty, Julie Lalonde-Petty, Matt Welsh, Brian Graupner (Globsicle), Nobody Special, Sarah Petty, Samuel Petty
RPS Duel System DesignIan Richard
Adventure Game Studio Created ByChris Jones
Speech Bubble Module ByGunnar Harboe
Smooth Scrolling & Parallax Module ByAlasdair Beckett-King
Glorious PatronsRobert Florence (The Splurge), Damian James, Brian Graupner (Globsicle), Ian McClure, John Wallace (The Oddball), Steven Herzog, Lucija Pilic, Marja Biecker, John McLean-Foreman, Mouna Amal Labbize, Oaer, Air, Rami Markus Maunula, You all have my infinite gratitude for helping me create art!
Quality TestersBeau Derque, MKennedy, Ruqing Luo, Wiggy
Font Creative Block found sounds by:Vrodge, Alienistcog, Bahaish, Bewareofkites20, Soundcollectah, Gnotesoundz, Jadened2, Dvideoguy, Fenrirfangs, Bash360, Jarred Gibb, Alaskarobotics, Tonitobe, Electroviolence, Dingo1, Hanstimm, Reitanna, Augustsandberg, A1234, Sazman, Aesqe, Q‑K, Promete, Kevoy, Creebefu, Miastodzwiekow, inchadney, Conleec, Egovind, Gezortenplotz, Listeningtowhales, Geraldfiebig, Locontrario23, Jonathan Shaw, Dreamstrobecome, Sbologov, Schots, Trautwein, Shnur, Suoitnop, Mwlandi, Sandtrb, Faceonmars, sperri, Timbre, Musicampo, Gmajorrr, Genel, Yourfriendjesse, Esperar, Deleted‑User, Kyles, Wubitog, Kikuchiyo, Nitramdoh, Iwan Gabovitch, Prosser, Jarred Gibb, Madcowzack, Dmartinp, Gpwlermusic, Sandermotions, Visions68, Flunkspagnagel, Sharesynth, Gunterdorksen, Reitanna, Brokenphono, Cliftonmcarlson, Jonathan Shaw, Ref57, Mrthenoronha, Iamgiorgio, Adamsarchive, Waveplay, Dudeawesome, Kyles, Angelicwings, MIhirfreesound, Z‑Ero, Theguitarmanjp, Blouhound
Pitx Music LicensedUnder Creative Commons Attribution Noncommerical 3.0
Drop Dead, Squid Face Instrumental byThe Gothsicles Produced and Mixed by Faderhead The Gothsicles appear c/o Negative Gain Productions
Santa Muerte Appears Courtesy ofNick Robalik
Dropsy Appears Courtesy ofJay Tholen
Special Thanks toThe AGS Community for advice troubleshooting coding assists great events and fantastic games!

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