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Written by  :  ududy (59)
Written on  :  Jun 18, 2003
Platform  :  Windows

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Stands out in a genre full of me-also's

The Good

Kohan's original game mechanics make it more akin to a real-time Heroes of Might & Magic than another of its endless RTS contemporaries. Instead of base construction we have cities that you have to conquer, defend and develop, and which project a radius of troop support and military intelligence around them. instead of manufacturing countless nameless units, we build a small but importat number of armies, each commanded by a potent hero.

The Bad

the graphics were only adequate for its time, and didn't convey scale well. the computer wasn't agressive enough, making the game too easy - something which i am told was fixed somewhat in the standalone expansion pack. finally, the story, while having potential, was told mainly through boring monologues and left underdeveloped.

The Bottom Line

If you were at any stage searching for a game combining some of the strengths of Warcraft on the one hand and Heroes of Might & Magic on the other, know that Kohan is a good attempt at it.