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Kyodai Mahjongg Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu., where you can choose between 7 games.
The game is highly customizable. You can change near everything, except basic mechanics.
In 3D play field could be rotated freely.
Playing old good mahjong in 2D.
When stuck, you can use a hint to highlight corresponding pairs.
Each game has personal records table.
There are a lot of tile sets to choose from.
Playing the custom tile set.
Ah, almost done.
Memory minigame. I really suck in it.
Bam-bam! Nobody reads screenshot captions anyway.
Clicks minigame. Just keep click on matching rows...
..until... eventually stuck.
Lines? I never understood it's rules.
Hashira, some kind of Tetris. Nice combo!
Those girls in corner look too amateurish.
Oh, it's gonna end in no time.
You can rotate the field backwards and enjoy nice plain grey tiles. I did it for three hours, honestly.
Kumika, match-the-three. Now it calls "Bejeweled".
No more turs, man! NO MORE!
I loved rivers most of all games. Except mahjong, of course.
Almost done. That was really fun.
You can create custom tile sets in editor.
3D Stone tileset
Just Kids tileset
Viking tileset