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Land of the Dead: Road to Fiddler's Green Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen and Menu
Loading Screen (each one has helpful hints)
Our hero
The neighbors
Watching the tv
Some zombies have chunks missing.
Her legs are gone but she's still trying to get me.
I'm sorry sir, The Warriors is next door.
When there's no more room in hell...
Zombies will break down doors to get to you. The text is from a nearby radio.
Land of the Dead
Remember: Shoot ┬┤em in the head!
Do you feel lucky, punk?
A bunch of zombies chasing me in the cornfields
A creepy stage with undead actors
This doctor doesn't seem to be helping his patients
Otis, your new friend
This scene kinda reminded me of "28 days later"
A shooting gallery with zombies... A dream come true!
It seems that Freecell is played on every computer of the world
Fiddler's Green. Your main goal is to get there. It is also one of the few references to the movie.
It's time to shoot down zombies!
It's Mr. Kauffman himself!
Time to old, good headshot.
zombie with ave. solution? headshot. :D
foot biter.
good axe. and you... stay there!
poisoned. Near death.
host multiplayer - invasion mode.
action in cementery
crawling zombie vs shotgun 0:1.
It's hammer time.