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Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - Anniversary Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Lara is back - she`s hot and tough...
... and as deadly to endangered species as always.
One of the new skills of Lara is balancing on posts.
Solving a water puzzle in the Poseidon Room.
You're still using your hook to physically interact with the environment.
The hand of Midas :)
Lara's hook helps her do the tricks of Indy and the Prince.
Many levels are vertically built.
Saint Francis Folly restored to its full glory.
The house of Lara holds many secrets.
The characters' appearance shows their true personality.
Woman for a protagonist and woman for an antagonist - great :)
Natla and her thugs
The fire room has changed much.
Crevices, crevices... But why have you deprived us of our free surface climbing skills?
Egypt... or what's left of it.
Loading screen
Lara Croft
Lara in front of a fireplace
A fireplace with a secret
Examining Qualopec closely
Fighting with Larson
Climbing the skyscraper in video sequence
In front of Natla Corporation
Video-message from Pierre Dupont with St. Francis's folly in background (in Russian)
Mummy with cat head is guarding the place in Egypt
Fighting the mummy
Fighting gargoyles
The court of Atlantis demi-gods (in Russian)
QTE in front of Jerome "Kid" Johnson
Lara rides a bike only in video sequences
Swan jump
Larson stole your fuse (in Russian)
Angry Lara
Avoid the lava underground
Meeting the wraith
Encountering the giant from the cocoon
Falling on the ground with Natla in her supernatural form
Are you ready for new adventures?