Lara Croft: Tomb Raider - The Angel of Darkness Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Beginning Load Screen
Title Screen - Notice the Version Number at bottom left
Keyboard Controls you can customize
Lara starts her adventure here and walks you through the basic actions in this "training" level
In Stealth mode, Lara can peak around corners.
Weapons & Items screens are similar - accessed with the Tab key by default.
One of the many "load area" screens
Conversation with this woman is enlightening.
Using the hand-over-hand technique
The streets of Paris
A Parisian hooker - one of many NPCs Lara will meet
Map of Paris - unfortunately there is no "true" in-game map.
In the pawn shop, sell some of your valuable items for cash.
Lara shimmies across, holding onto a ledge or, in this case, a pipe.
Graphics bugs pop up occasionally. Notice her leg is extended to the edge of the screen.
Nice Buns!
Crossing this laser-protected room is tricky
Lara learns more inside an office in the Louvre
Careful jumping to and from platforms!
Discover ancient rooms deep below the surface of the earth
Lara in her 2nd outfit
You want me to go where? Yeah ... right!
During cutscenes, you'll see her in different angles.
Finally you get to spend some of your money.
Lara and Kurtis meet under not so friendly terms
Profile close-up
The Proto Nephilim
Playing Kurtis
Ouch ... get that tentacle out of my stomach!
Bio lab
One evil guy from more evil organization