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Largo Winch: Empire Under Threat Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen, better get used to that space bar.
Essentially Largo Winch, is Bruce Wayne.
You PDA is where you keep notes and save your progress.
Your secretary Candy
Your best pal Simon is quite the womanizer. He will assist you in your quests.
Inventory screen allows you to combine objects or to use them as they are.
Occasionally you can do special actions beside walking.
A fight scene. Fights are turn based.
Landing a punch just by the invisible roll of dice.
Inside Sharon's apartment you will use her laptop... to say the least.
Checking e-mail on the laptop.
A cut-scene heats things up.
Investigating a murder at your labs down in Mexico.
Running from one lab to the other.
You will meet two scientists in the first lab.
The second lab is where the plot thickens.
Outside your former employee Jack Place's place
Your New York building is where you're based out of. This office is your and is at your disposal.
Hacking a computer system is quite a chore.
Simon assists you in Vorograd by lock-picking.
How do we get down there?
That old man will only help if you can beat him in poker.
Playing poker with the old man.
Outside the Gagarine Paradise, a really shady bar/hotel.
Al Torres: "You're a f*****g stripper, don't you get it?" Nomi Malone: "I'm a dancer!"
Simon helps you by covering you while you sneak around and draw out the bad guy.
He also helps by holding that guy while you beat him mercilessly.
Back at your tower you visit the computer room.
At the isle of Sarjevane. This is where you grew up.
The secret underground room from the outside.
There are multiple shacks to visit on this deserted but beautiful island.
Sardinia is where the monks are.
Took the elevator up the side of a cliff.
In disguise at the monastery
Watch the beams Largo.