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Laser Squad: Nemesis Credits

19 people (17 developers, 2 thanks)

Codo Technologies

Game DesignJulian Gollop
ProgrammingNick Gollop, Steve Moorhause
ArtJulian Gollop, Julian Knott, Simon Brewer, Denis Istomin
Website designJulian Knott
SoundGarry Taylor, Nathan McCree
Mission DesignStuart Orford (“Luiglin” Greys Campaign), Dave Hawes (“axemandavva” Spawn Campaign), Denis Istomin (“Renoiro” Machina Campaign), Julian Gollop (Marine Campaign)

Got Game Entertainment

Founder/CEOHoward Horowitz
Director of PRBeverly Cambron (Rocco Media LLC)
Director of MarketingBeverly Cambron (Rocco Media LLC)
PR & Marketing ConsultantMelanie Cambron
Packaging RedesignPeter Gifford (


Licensing ManagerJay Powell
Executive ProducerLloyd Melnick

Manual Version 1.1 - April 14th 2002 (Based on 1.06 of LSN client)

Based on original material written byCodo Games Ltd.
Designed byJulian Knott
Edited byJulian Knott
Compiled byJulian Knott
Special thanks toDavid Haslett (Emperor Ming), Peter Lewis (Scaramanger)

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