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Linking TechniquesContributed by Indra was here (20865) on Dec 17, 2009.

Using the default "shift" or "center mouse button," Rush uses his remnant gift to enter slow motion. During this period, when Rush moves close enough to enemies, they will be linked. Pressing the default "space bar" will immediately commence combat with all the linked enemies.

Linking enemies, although presenting more enemies and thus more difficultly in combat, if victories, will present the player with more rewards if the form of rare components or more captured monsters and more importantly, greater chances for character advancement.

Usually, standard linking may only get the player around 2-4 links. However, there is a technique to add a greater number of links.

First Technique
First, you may notice that pressing "space bar" near an enemy (but not so near to commence combat: white balloon status is near, red balloon status will commence combat) will agitate the enemy. Their balloon status will change to have an "angry smiley balloon" symbol. Angry monsters with angry smiley balloons will follow you around indefinitely.

If enemy units on the map are too far from each other, the player may use this technique to later group those units together. Use this technique to link more than 4 enemy units.

Second Technique
An additional technique is to use the slow motion feature. Enemy units linked using while in slow motion, will later have an “angry smiley balloon” status when the slow motion feature runs out. By using this technique, the player may agitate several units, and have a head start in slow motion, to run elsewhere and link other enemy units. However, the tricky part of this technique is to pay attention to the recharge bar, as it needs time to recharge when the slow motion feature is deactivated. By using this technique, the player may link up to at least 6-8 monsters.

Also be advised, that for some monsters, it is a bit buggy in the AI movement. This is more so for larger creatures such as Grand Beatles. Linking more than 8 of them is almost quite difficult due to their size (linking all of them takes a quite a while) while some of them may have this “buggy” affect to run off in other directions.


  • Linking more than 5-6 units, will often reward the player with rare components;
  • Linking bosses (rare monsters) with other monsters will often allow the player to capture the rare monster more often;
  • It is not advisable to link more than 4 stronger (or equally strong) monsters, due to being slaughtered (depending on the number of unions you have), unless suicidal;
  • Large monsters require more time to link than smaller monsters;
  • Make sure you don’t run into dead ends while linking monsters. The map (default key: M) is disabled when in slow motion;
  • Some monsters have a bad habit of getting lost when agitated and do not follow as you’d like them to. This may occur in areas with corridors or passageways. Be sure to “visit” them to let them know where you are;
  • Some monsters have surprise movements when agitated, jumping several paces to your character, while some are simply much faster than you. Keep your distance for enemy monsters with surprise movements (such as Grand Beatles and Giants) and zig-zag for monsters that are faster than your character (such as Fenris). Flying monsters however in some instances are almost impossible to outmaneuver (or see for that matter).

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