Laura Jones and the Gates of Good and Evil Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Intro: Laura is driving to the university.
Intro: Arriving at the university.
Main menu
Settings window
The loading screen shows the university campus.
First level is about to start.
The first room is dark and you need to find the lights.
When you turn on the lights the Professor appears.
The Professors show Laura the mysterious artifact.
The first puzzle: feed the dog and light the fireplace.
The artifact can send you off into your subconciousness...
You meet the professor here too!
Another room to investigate.
You've found a piece of a manuscript.
Connect the power lines to turn on all lightbulbs.
Bob, the librarian
The library: find all suns & ships.
In the chemistry lab, meeting the not so nice Professor Gliss.
There is something hidden inside the jar...
Gather the stuff you need to sneak back into the chemistry lab after dark.
Your task in the kitchen is to find all coffeebeans and make some fresh coffee.
Mini-games are unlocked throughout the game.
Mini-game: catch fish and feed it to the cat.
Mini-game puzzle
Mini-game: shoot down apples to make the hedgehogs happy.
Question marks that are found can later be used as hints if needed.
Move the pieces to restore the photo.
Playing a word game with the gardener's daughter.
The gardener knows more that you think!
A coffin with a puzzle for a lock
Found a pair of scissors!
Find the object that are shown as silhouettes in the right column.
The gates of good and evil!
One of the rooms inside the gates of good and evil
The final puzzle!
Mini-game: spirit against spirit
Mini-game: move the cogs to repair the clock.
Mini-game: move the jewels around to balance the scales.
Mini-game: point the winds so that they blow the boat to the goal.