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Gamers Daily News (Apr 14, 2010)
Overall, I still really enjoy Lead & Gold Gangs of the Wild West. It’s fast-paced, fun action. Sure you might not always get a competent team and your teammates won’t know exactly how a team-based game should be played, but when you do, the game truly shines as you will have endless shoot-outs while you defend/steal/blow up the objective and that’s when the game is at its best. This is certainly a multiplayer game that I’ll continue to enjoy for some time to come and I look forward to continued support and updates for the game.
ZTGameDomain (Apr, 2010)
What better way to scale how much fun this game is then to say that without a doubt that the level of enjoyment that you get with Lead and Gold is nearly unrivalled. Since moving to my new hard drive I still have not seen a need to reinstall Battlefield or Call of Duty, my shooter fix is easily dealt with round after round of wild west fun. However the connection issues and bare bone selection options do hurt the game, when its running great it's amazing, however too many games have been ruined by serious lag or connection issues. Lead and Gold though is still worth the price of admission and with a patch or two, we could see all of these network problems vanish.
Girl Gamers UK (Apr 19, 2010)
When all is said and done, Lead and Gold won't leave you feeling short-changed. With Steam achievements, multiple game modes, maps and great classes, Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is a great little game. It's not perfect, the slight lack of numbers in the online lobbies can be a downer, but, as a package, the game is solid. With additional content in the future, it's the sort of game that will have many dedicated players for a long time to come.
Cheat Happens (Apr 20, 2010)
Connection issues aside, Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is a surprisingly fun and addicting online shooter. It’s not likely to persuade many players to switch from games like Team Fortress 2, but if you’re looking for a new experience in the genre, or like me, want to see more westerns; Fatshark has created one hell of a game for you.
Level 7 (Apr 15, 2010)
Fatsharks debuttitel Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West är en intensiv tredjepersons-shooter med utomordentlig design vad gäller både klasser, banor och grafik. Välj mellan fyra olika klasser och ett flertal spännande spellägen, varav många lägger fokus på lagarbete, och strid mot motståndargänget i denna fantastiska skjutfest helt i multiplayer. Allting faller på plats; banorna har massvis med olika vägar att gå, klasserna är välbalanserade och teamwork lönar sig verkligen.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Apr 01, 2010)
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West är faktiskt lite av en överraskning. Rappt tempo, mestadels bra bandesign och god variation i samarbete med ett lågt pris gör att Fatshark faktiskt har kommit med ett av årets mest fräscha spel i min mening. Fokuset på att främja lagspelande känns kul, modernt och intressant och Fatshark har lyckats klämma in en hel del bra idéer i sitt debutspel. Så dra på dig läderponchon, patronbältet och ge dig ut i strid tillsammans med en samling oborstade västernvildingar. Cowboys är rätt fräna ändå!
With a price point of $15 this game is definitely reasonable, unlike certain PC games that are still at $59.99 after being out for months... There are not a whole lot of servers to choose from, but maybe that will change if they release a dedicated server package. But at least there are quite a few players right now. When I started my own server it got a few people on within seconds. There’s definitely some potential here, especially with it being available on the PS3 and Xbox360 as well. If you like westerns or team-based shooters in general, check out Lead and Gold.
Spazio Games (Apr 08, 2010)
Ci troviamo di fronte ad un buon TPS, curato nel comparto tecnico e sicuramente divertente. Data la sua natura di prodotto digitale Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West si presenta al pubblico con un prezzo competitivo e allo stesso tempo una qualità generale più che discreta, fattore che lo rende appetibile a tutti i fan del genere e anche a coloro i quali avessero voglia di un gioco in cui si diventa bravi in poco tempo e che presenta sessioni di gioco relativamente brevi ma intense. Nonostante solo quattro classi tra cui scegliere, la varietà è garantita dalle sei modalità disponibili ed il gioco di squadra incentivato dalle auree che ogni personaggio può sprigionare. L'appeal del vecchio western, inoltre, aiuta sicuramente il titolo che senza di esso rimarrebbe probabilmente etichettato come semplice clone di Team Fortress 2 ma che invece così riesce a ritagliarsi uno spazio suo nel mondo degli sparatutto.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 30, 2010)
Lead and Gold houdt het simpel, maar de verslavende multiplayer gameplay zal je niet snel loslaten!
Cheat Code Central (Apr 21, 2010)
Without a doubt, the game's $14.99 price tag is its best feature. In other words, there's an overwhelming chance you already own a PC shooter with a multiplayer component that is more rewarding. However, the varied game types, excellent maps, straightforward game mechanics, and fun setting mean you shouldn't hesitate in picking this one up.
Gamers' Temple, The (May 13, 2010)
Get ready for some intense western style shooting as Lead & Gold faces you off against the world in a competition to be the most wanted man (or woman) alive.
Hooked Gamers (Apr 27, 2010)
But the number of issues with the game are rather minor gripes. As far as the game goes, Lead and Gold does a great job of putting the gamer in the shoes of a Wild West outlaw (or sheriff, depending on which side of the law you would prefer to be). The locations more than put you in the scene, whilst the audio (apart from the weak sounding weapons) does a marvelous job of building the ambience of the Wild West. Unfortunately, for a number of occasions during my reviewing period, I was unable to find a server to join. You can start your own game and hope that others join your game, but again, this could leave you waiting for some time before you get into the action. I certainly hope that this changes as more people realize how much fun being a Gunslinger in the old west really is.
GameZone (May 13, 2010)
Fast, spot-on controls for sprinting and jumping, combined with amazingly detailed levels, make Lead and Gold an incredibly intense experience with bullets flying around every corner. Meanwhile, the strict classes, revivals, and spawn-flags create a deceptively tactical experience. I hope to see new maps and new classes in the future, because Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West is an incredibly polished and enjoyable shooter that deserves the attention.
AceGamez (Apr 16, 2010)
Lead and Gold’s biggest problem is how it doesn’t take advantage of its setting in a meaningful way. The Wild West was such an iconic time, and has been immortalized in countless classic movies and books, but the game doesn’t really get across that creaky old west vibe that it should. The art deco is here, and the soundtrack is on point, but besides that, there’s nothing to really distinguish it from any other shooters. Part of that could have to do with its online-only tag, but when you consider how other multiplayer focused games have cashed in on their atmosphere (Left For Dead comes to mind,) it doesn’t really stand up. It’s a perfectly adequate shooter, but nothing more than that.
The A.V. Club (Apr 12, 2010)
Thoughtful touches enhance gameplay. Downed characters can be revived by nearby friends. (Do you take the moment to help out a comrade?) And each team has a flag that may be carried into the fray to act as a mobile spawn point. A sudden respawning amid a firefight can turn the tide, or just land you atop a body pile. The third-person view is unusual for a game of this type, but it shows off the well-designed characters. Developer Fatshark promises DLC to expand maps and classes, but at $15, the package is appropriate. Dedicated PC tuners will want more video and control customizations, but for simple gunslingers, Lead And Gold has the glint of the good stuff.
75 (Apr 08, 2010)
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West è un titolo divertente e capace di inserire alcuni spunti originali all'interno di una struttura estremamente classica. Il gioco di squadra funziona in modo naturale come auspicato dagli sviluppatori e la qualità delle mappe rende le modalità, già viste altrove negli ultimi anni, sufficientemente varie da mantenere alto il fattore divertimento. A meno di quindici euro in digital delivery, potrebbe essere una scelta adatta ai più avidi giocatori multiplayer, tenendo presente la popolazione online davvero esigua e gli attuali problemi di net code.
72 (May 07, 2010)
Lead and Gold war für mich bis zum Test eigentlich ein richtiger Geheimtipp. Team Fortress im Wild West-Setting mit ein paar interessanten Teammechaniken, was kann da schon schief gehen? Schief gegangen ist auch eigentlich nichts, die Technik ist solide, der Stil gefällt und das Balancing passt eigentlich auch. Für zwischendurch ist es auch ganz nett, nur auf Dauer will der Funke einfach nicht richtig überspringen. Es fehlt das gewisse Etwas, das bei ähnlichen Spielen dafür sorgt, dass man Runde um Runde weiterspielt, egal wie schlecht die Quoten stehen.
PC Games (Germany) (May 07, 2010)
Ich mag Western – sowohl mit Nachos vom Sofa aus als auch mit Maus und Tastatur mitten im Geschehen. Ergo punktete Lead & Gold mit seiner dichten Wildwestatmosphäre vom Start weg bei mir. An den flotten Gefechten gibt es kaum etwas auszusetzen und wenn die Entwickler die Verbindungsprobleme noch mittels dedizierter Server in den Griff kriegen, dann wartet hier ein wirklich rundes Produkt. Das reicht jedoch heutzutage nicht mehr. Infinity Ward und Dice haben das Genre extrem geprägt und bieten mit ihren Titeln dutzende Stunden Spielspaß. Lead & Gold verliert mangels echten Rangsystems hingegen schnell an Reiz, weswegen ich auf lange Sicht meine Spaghetti weiter ohne Western genießen muss.
GameStar (Germany) (Apr 19, 2010)
Lead and Gold kann es bequem mit dem Mehrspieler-Modus eines Call of Juarez aufnehmen. Allerdings gibt's da ja auch noch eine Story. Für einen reinen Multiplayer-Titel ist Lead and Gold entsprechend zu dünn. Trotzdem bekommt man hier für nur 15 Euro ein paar lustige Stunden Western-Multiplayer-Ballerei mit schlauen Teamtaktik-Ideen. Für ein paar freie Wochenenden langt das allemal.
GameSpot (Apr 14, 2010)
For the most part, however, Lead and Gold provides enjoyable, straightforward, fast-paced shooter action. Exploring the different classes is fun, and finding your groove with one during a heated match is immensely satisfying. There are issues to contend with, and you may need to exercise some patience before you can scratch your itchy trigger finger. Yet at $14.99, Lead and Gold is a reasonably priced way to romp around an attractively styled Wild West.
69 (Apr 16, 2010)
Es ist zwar löblich, dass das Teamwork mit einigen neuen Spielmechanismen belohnt wird. Doch der Wust aus Regeln, Sounds und Statusmeldungen ist viel zu konfus - gerade in einem schnellen Shooter wie diesem. Schade ist auch, dass es bis auf Steam-Errungenschaften (also Erfolge) nichts freizuschalten gibt und nach einem Match der komplette Fortschritt wieder futsch ist. Anders als bei einem Suchtmittel wie Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sinkt hier die Motivation nach ein paar Stunden rapide ab. Die Leaderboards konnten mich ebenfalls nicht zum Weiterspielen motivieren: Statt interessanten Statistiken gibt es nur eine Sortierung nach der Gesamtzahl von Erfahrungspunkten, Kills und Toden. Außerdem sind mir deutlich mehr Lags und Verbindungsabbrüche untergekommen als bei der Konkurrenz - meist blieb die Action aber gut spielbar. Trotzdem: Für eine flotte Schießerei um zwölf Uhr mittags ist das Spiel allemal gut.
Gamekult (Apr 29, 2010)
Doué de qualités indéniables, Lead and Gold est l'archétype même du jeu sans prétention auquel on adhère dès les premières minutes. Résolument fun et nerveux, il comblera sans problème le joueur désireux de se défouler de temps en temps sans se prendre la tête. Malheureusement pour les autres, au bout de quelques heures de jeu, l'engouement des débuts cède bien vite la place à la désagréable impression d'avoir fait le tour de tout ce que le titre a à proposer. Et les vieux briscards du headshot - ou plus généralement les joueurs désireux de s'investir plus d'une semaine dans un jeu - se lasseront rapidement devant le manque de profondeur et de contenu du soft. Les mises à jour prévues dans un futur plus ou moins proches sauront probablement donner un peu plus de consistance à ce Lead and Gold et on ne peut que s'en réjouir. Mais en l'état, ça reste encore un peu juste.
50 (Apr 20, 2010)
Lead and Gold: Gangs of the Wild West er et spill man raskt får et ambivalent forhold til. På den ene siden er det ingenting i veien med stemningen. Fin grafikk og stemningssettende musikk tar deg med inn i vestens solnedgang på en måte som gjør det til en god westernopplevelse. På den andre siden er det ikke mer enn et gjennomsnittlig skytespill. Det prøver å være Team Fortress 2 uten at det helt forstår hva det er som gjør det spillet så bra. Små, kreative tilnærminger til lagspill kveles av en dvask våpenfysikk og uinspirerte moduser. En tidvis irriterende ustabilitet i serverløsningen gjør også sitt for å forpurre opplevelsen.