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Gamezilla (Jun 14, 2001)
Leadfoot is an excellent single-player racing game. It has great features, and its simple control structure and ability to work effectively with slower machines make this an excellent game for almost any racing fan. The learning curve alone will keep you coming back for more. However, as a multiplayer game, Leadfoot still has some work cut out for it and the resulting disappointment lowers the score. 84 points for the way it plays currently, but if the team manages to iron out the multiplayer options this game would rate in the low 90s. If you enjoy off-road racing or are looking for a racing challenge, Leadfoot is your best buy.
GamePen (Jul 31, 2001)
All in all, the game is basically representative of Leadfoot's racing line: quick, cheap and dirty - and thoroughly engaging. At $25, Leadfoot is a steal.
Leadfoot is een uitstekend, zij het wat onafgewerkt, racegame waar de ernstige racers een vette kluif aan zullen hebben
GameSpot (Jun 07, 2001)
Leadfoot's learning curve is steep, and it takes a while before your driving skills will reach a point that you can actually win races and progress through the career mode at a steady pace. Even on the easiest settings, it's still very difficult to place well in a race. If the computer opponents prove too difficult, Leadfoot does have multiplayer racing that's supported by game server utilities, but there are still some bugs associated with joining games. It's also disappointing that there's hardly any music in the game, and having only the sound of tires on dirt as well as the constant growl of engines can start to wear on you after a while. Fans of arcade-style racing games should probably steer clear of Leadfoot, but dedicated racing fans will find in it a serious challenge and an opportunity to exhibit their finely honed driving skills.
Nevertheless, LEADFOOT’s clever mix of arcade action, simulation authenticity, and racing variety should appeal to most PC drivers. The game’s hit-or- be-hit GameSpy and dedicated-server multiplayer modes add even more value to an already comprehensive package. Ratbag old hands may not be fully satisfied, but newcomers should find the mud to their liking.
PC Action (Jul 06, 2001)
Im Karriere-Modus warten 15 Rennserien mit über 180 Rennen auf Sie, bei denen es um satte Preisgelder geht. Grafik und Steuerung machen einen ordentlichen Eindruck. Lediglich die äußerst starken Computergegner dürften manchen Spieler verzweifeln lassen.
GameStar (Germany) (Jul, 2001)
Heilig’s Blechle, bei Leadfoot scheppert’s aber ordentlich! Da wird gedrängelt und geschubst, dass jedem Schrotthändler die Freudentränen kommen. An den verbissenen Zweikämpfen haben allerdings nur Rennspiel-Profis ihren Spaß. Das unzugängliche schraubengenaue Tuning und die komplexe Fahrphysik erfordern enorm viel Einarbeitungszeit. Außerdem lohnt sich dieser Aufwand nur für Offroad-Experten, die über die miese Grafik hinwegsehen können
PC Games (Germany) (Aug 02, 2001)
Was Optik, Physik und Menüführung angeht, erinnert Leadfoot stark an die ebenfalls von Ratbag entwickelten Dirt-Track-Racing-Spiele. Grafisch erwartet den Rennfahrer somit nichts Spektakuläres und die schlecht übersetzten Texte erschweren die Navigation durch die zahlreichen Untermenüs unnötig. Rundum gelungen hingegen ist das Fahrverhalten der Offroad-Boliden. Schon nach kurzer Trainingsphase driftet der Spieler durch die engen Spitzkehren und vollführt auf den meterhohen Schanzen spektakuläre Sprünge.
ActionTrip (Jun 19, 2001)
Apart from the available tracks, quick race and career mode, the game features a multiplayer mode with LAN and Internet support. It is a real shame they didn't include any more mods or a level editor. Still, the gamers who wish to leave their mark on the game will have to make do with making custom skins for cars like in Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars. Let me conclude: even though I cannot say it hadn't been fun plying Leadfoot, Ratbag games could really have introduced something new in its gaming cliché. What scares me most is that the story probably isn't over yet and that we will soon have a chance to see some more DTR or Leadfoot expansion packs... I wouldn't mind a slight change... and I'm not referring to Leadfoot Pinball...
While Leadfoot is fun to play, Ratbag has dropped the ball by not introducing enough innovation to make its purchase worthwhile for most of the gaming audience. Owners of earlier Ratbag titles should enjoy this release, but they will not find that much new and different about it (despite the stunt stadium setting). This is as close to a bare-bones racing simulation release as I have seen these days, with minimal choices of vehicles and tracks, limited menu selections, dated graphics, sparse sound effects, and no music. In the end, this product will only satisfy fans absolutely desperate for one more drive in the dirt.