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Learn to Play Chess with Fritz & Chesster Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
King Black issues his challenge to a chess duel
Fritz and his cousin Bianca meet King Kaleidoscope, an old family friend
King Kaleidoscope tells the story of the epic chess battle that embittered King Black against King White's family
Learning how a king moves by playing a sumo wrestler game
Learning how rooks move in this Pac-Man-like game
King Black's toilet factory mars the countryside
Learn how bishops move in this toilet-smashing game
This could ONLY be King Kaleidoscope's home!
Pick flowers with Queen Kaleidoscope and learn how queens can move
These horses can only use a knight's moves to jump the fences in order: two ahead and one to the side
Knock on the pawn's houses to learn how they move
Evil King Black waits at the Arena
This is the IntelliGym, for training exercises. The mouse is Chesster, available for a friendly match
A training session, learning about rooks
The map screen, allowing access to all the training areas
The player can choose to use these character pieces...
...or a more traditional chess set
The player can choose from many levels of difficulty