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Advertising Blurbs - Developer's product page:
    In the 21st century genetic research had made dramatic advances, the scientific community had mastered the GPGCA (General Purpose Genetic Coding Algorithm) genetic sequencing algorithm. A catastrophic gene reactor accident at the Agamemnon research facility altered the course of mankind's destiny. The accident released a gene sequence altering peptide, which forced the population to take a life-sustaining supplement called L.E.D. (Life Evolution Drug). Scarce resources for cultivating and refining L.E.D. pills from the rare L.E.D. plant brought in the L.E.D.Wars. Corporations and their private armed forces now roam the earth in search of L.E.D. The war is on! Conquer and control the entire world supply of L.E.D. Your life depends on it!

    "L.E.D. Wars is one of the best strategy games around. Lots of levels, huge areas, nice graphics and stunning music", POWER UNLIMITED March 1998 (84%)

    "L.E.D. Wars is not there for the rookies among us. Those will only yell for their mothers. The AI is so tough that it takes the blood from under your nails." PC ZONE benelux February 1998

    "No real time strategy game AI has ever kicked me in the ##@#@ as hard as the one you will find in L.E.D. Wars", PC GAMEPLAY December 1997

    Game features

    • Tough computer AI using artificial life concepts
    • Multiplayer option for playing over TCP/IP, IPX, Serial cable
    • Land, sea and air combat
    • Stunning soundtrack by the famous composer Kirill Pokrovsky
    • Unique "World War" play
    • Cool SVGA graphics
    • Advanced Resource Management System
    • Plenty of video and cutscenes
    • Dozens of new and exciting units
    • Map editor
    • Instant gameplay, no hard disk installation necessary

    Contributed by Sciere (729671) on Jan 11, 2005.