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The L.E.D. Wars Credits

43 people (20 developers, 23 thanks)


Project LeaderSwen Vincke
ProgrammingSwen Vincke
Editor ProgrammingStefaan Decorte
Artwork BuildingsPiet Dierickx
UnitsKurt Huyghe
Interface and EffectsTom Hendrickx
Tiles and EffectsLuc Pollet
BackgroundsKurt Huyghe
CutscenesKurt Huyghe, Piet Dierickx
Music CompositionKirill Vladimirovich Pokrovsky
Music ProductionIlya Rogozin
Music MasteringSteven
Sound ProductionPiet Dierickx, Tom Hendrickx, Ilya Rogozin
Video ProductionKurt Huyghe, Swen Vincke
Additional CodingTom Hendrickx, Bert Peers
Beta TestingKim Strubbe (Sensei), Bram Vanbelleghem, Igor Popov, Tom Uytterhaegen, Philippe
ActorsRobert de Wit (Cnl. Wiggie), Kurt Huyghe (Von Neumann), Seba Deleersnyder (Agent XXXX), Piet Dierickx (Mike Anoid), Ilya Rogozin (Capt. Bajumka), Kirill Vladimirovich Pokrovsky (The LED Guru), Tom Hendrickx (John Faber), Igor Popov (Dr. Zakovski), Swen Vincke (Prof Deep), Stefaan Decorte (Capt. Roger)
VoicesRobert de Wit, Swen Vincke, Tom Hendrickx
Map EditingTom Hendrickx, Luc Pollet
Level EditingSwen Vincke, Tom Hendrickx
Special Thanks toLAR, RD - wish you could see this
Da GirlsLot, Lynn, Nathalie, Rosa
Da GuysBenjamin Sawyer, Mario Vassaux, Mark Shander, Jean Marie Cannie, Luc Bonne, Kim Strubbe, Boris De Sutter, Alex Dunne, Tor Berg
Da FirmsImageline, Attic Entertainment, RAD Software, Crosstown Music, Helicon, R&S Records
Da ParentsMommy, Daddy
Visit Us,
Web Site DesignAndrew Kenney

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