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Legacy: Dark Shadows Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Saving a game from the Main Menu
During the Prologue you play in black and white
Close up of Ren, your character
Read Ren's Journal to learn a bit about what's going on
The Mars Plaza
Hotel Ares on Mars
Even on vacation Ren is all business. Too bad you can't drink in the bar!
Back on Earth in Ren's warehouse office
Travel using this map inside a taxi
Outside Ren's building
Ren talks to her friend Hacker.
You find an abandoned cathedral in the old part of town
She must go inside the creepy catacombs
A spaceship hanger
The perplexing "barrel puzzle"
Connect the pipes from left to right
Turn the wires so electricity flows properly
Yet another tunnel ...
This map doesn't help at all
A dead astronaut
Explore a mining base camp on an asteroid
There are always corridors ..
Meet Gunman, a "friend" of Ren
Inside one of the many warehouses