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Legend of Grimrock Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Character Generation
Title screen shown during intro
Inventory Screen
Stone Axe. Better than nothing
Giant Slug
What is that?!
Some statistics
A switch.
Death by electric spell
Treasure Storage (with creepy statues...)
This crystal is a welcome sight - it heals the party and saves your game
A collective dream it seems
Burn mother f***er burn
A compass - for those old-skool adventurers
Attacked by a crowern
Skeleton warriors
Stop staring at me, you ugly
A note from Toorum who'll play a certain role in the game
Spider eggs... Guess spiders are near...
Killed an enemy, +175 xp
A portal
One of the most unnerving areas
Put away your torch and witness some moody corridors
A cheating Slime attacks through the bars
A giant crab. Now stay trapped there!
I've just fallen through that hole into a lower level
Item management
There's a way to the next level
You don't wanna mess with him
surrounded by Ice Lizards
The mages are shielded
Something is bound to happen if I pick this item up
Metal-themed level
What in the world are these?