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LEGO Friends Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Learning about the upcoming stage show.
The band's neighborhood
The diary/photo album
Filling in this page populates the game with the player's favorite things.
A phone call from one of "the guys"
Meeting at the cafe to discuss the show.
Setting up the background light show.
Putting together dance moves.
Making music!
Practicing the finished product.
Designing a poster for the show.
They're cool ladies!
Logging in...
In the player's bedroom.
A sudden wake-up call in the middle of the night?
Can't they just go back to sleep?
The activities can be accessed here.
The player's very own friend.
Looking around the auditorium.
The player's friendship bracelet, as put in a frame.
The friend calls Nick to see if the bracelet was found.
A letter from Mrs. I.M. Sharpe.
The girls don't know what's inside, until something happens!
Mimi as a fortune teller!
Interviewing the Tuff Stuff band.
A rather messy stage sign! Looks like the previous manager got put up with that idea!
The girls are waiting for their big gig.
Anita and Mimi. What a nice groupie!
Anita explaining to the girls about the situation of the stage being out of bounds.
Joolz explaining that Mrs. Sharpe doesn't want to follow her rules for some odd reason.
Mimi and Joolz reading a "Guide to a Perfect Sleepover".