LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen and main menu
The game starts with Harry and Dudley in the playground
Flying over river Thames
Different characters have different abilities
In the Ministry of Magic
Friends meet again for another year at school
In the Diagonal Alley
Student saved
Here you can create your own characters from a variety of appearances and clothing items
Another character found
Another gold brick found
Having fun in train station
Inside the school
Brewing a potion
Only physically strong characters can open these
Some pets can dig for extra items
Re-living Harry's memories with Professor Snape
Hey, Hermione, stop being a jerk
Harry trying to solve a simple puzzle
Playing as Fred and George
The party is ready to battle some evil
Magic duel
Luna's glasses help see hidden things
You can fly in certain levels
Having fun in winter time
Harry the fireman
Protecting the house from death eaters
Any level can be replayed
Death eaters have invaded the school
Hey Hermione, take a look here
An underwater level
Wanna know how much stuff you've collected and what's still missing? Press Pause key at anytime.
A very stylish 2-D level
Riding the dragon
Characters with funny disguise turned on
LEGO land with lots of things to destroy and create
These red cubes, hidden around Hogwards, may grant really awesome abilities
Practicing some funny magic in the toy store
Character store
Harry, Volan De Mort and Belladonna working together to solve puzzles? You don't say!