LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge Credits

Silicon Dreams Studio Ltd.

DesignDarren Drabwell, Richard Hancock
Lead ProgrammerSteve Hughes
Engine ProgrammerJeb Mayers
Library ProgrammersJeb Mayers, Ade Smith
ProgrammersSteve Hughes, Paul Baker, Andy Bray, Jalea Clements, Phil Hodgson, Matt Ritchie, Paul Scully, Ade Smith, Ed Bradley, Alex Comer, Jeb Mayers, Sean Parkinson, David Spencer
Lead ArtistRob Carter
ArtistsRob Carter, Toby Harrison-Banfield, Richard Carter, James Malloch, Matt Pearson, Jim Southworth, Roy Stewart, Simon Phillips, Andronikos Antonakakis, Gary Leonardi, Ian Peaker, Sophie Mobbs, John Moss, Richard Hancock
Audio ManagerJohn Hancock
Sound DesignersJohn Hancock, Stafford Bawler, Stephen Maloney, John LeBurn
MusiciansJohn Hancock, Stafford Bawler, Stephen Maloney
Voice Over EngineersSteven Gow, Brian Smith
Video EditorJohn LeBurn
Audio ProgrammerTheodore Ntogiakos
Managing DirectorGavin Cheshire
PR ManagerDene Landucci
Associate ProducersRichard Hancock, Lara Sweeney
Special ThanksRod Mack, Andrew Sage, Geoff Brown, Nick Seddon, Rob Palfreman, Martin Smith, Everyone at Silicon Dreams
ProducerDarren Drabwell

Lego Media International

World‑wide Managing DirectorMark Livingstone
Senior ProducerTim Green
ProducerScott Mackintosh
FMV AnimationMartin Lanzinger
Global Head of Quality AssuranceKevin Turner
QA ManagerGary Simmons
Group LeadsNick Bodenham, Nicolas Doucet, Andrew Donnelly
Lead TestersSteve Manners, David Lane, Alex Munday
TestersSophie Blakemore, Neil Delderfield, Jonathan Hughes, Desmond Gayle, Warren Leigh, Dwayne Buck, Karl Fentiman, Matthew Marriner, Gary Mellish, Kieron Clarke
Localization CoordinatorEmma Timms
Head of LogisticsNic Ashford
Global Brand DirectorPetra Bedford
Marketing ManagerKai Wunderlich
Product ManagerPing Wong
Production ManagerMary Jane Brett
Market Research ManagerTim Price
Global Sales DirectorLeah Kalboussi
Original Music composed, arranged and produced byRichard Wells, David R. Punshon
Special thanks go toWes Jenkins, Kyle Jenkins, for their writing and inspiration, and to all the children who gave their valuable input throughout the development of this game.

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209502)