LEGO Racers Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Creating a Lego racer.
Making a licence. If you click Snapshot you'll change his/her expression.
Here's where you build your car, first you select a chassis.
Then use one of the themes up top to build it piece by piece.
Then take it out for a test drive.
Race selection
Racing at the docks.
A competitor gets cannonballed beside you.
As you unlock more levels your ability and theme selection for racer building will expand.
Likewise your cars
In the spooky forest drive by tree-houses with lights on.
A ghost watches you get snared by another racer.
On the tunnels underneath the moon there are lava pits. Don't worry you can't fall into them.
You can be hurt by these!
Entering the pharaoh's tomb.
Inside an Egyptian tunnel
You can drive a bit into the water but not much.
A competitor leaves and oil slick behind. I thought this island was protected!
Alligators on the race-track!
Everything on the levels are lego themed, even the trees along the race-track.
Look out for that hammer pendulum.
This "Hoth-like" level is somewhat slippery.
You can upgrade with the white brick power-ups you've already got. This is the final upgrade to the booster where it makes your car fly.
And this is the upgrade for the electric force-field where it electrically snares your competitors.
And the final for another one makes you warp through a wormhole.
A plane does a fly-by in this adventure themed level.
The witch's castle has spooky sights.
Broom alley
Pirate ships literally battle next to you on this level.
This Indiana Jones inspired level borrows a few ideas from the movies. The golden idol from Raiders.
The ark from Raiders shoots electricity at those near it.
The mine car scene from Temple of Doom complete with plummeting riders.
This planet seems to have the most sophisticated design.
Underground tunnels show a whole base underneath the planet surface.
The final challenge
Follow the arrows to the exit!