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GamingXP (Nov 20, 2010)
Um das Ganze abzurunden, lässt sich sagen, „Lego Universe“ ist auf jeden Fall ein spaßiges Abenteuer, welches vor allem für die junge Generation der Spieler ausgelegt ist. Denn auch, wenn der Titel sich, was die Entwicklungsmöglichkeiten in puncto Kampf, Ausrüstung und Fähigkeiten angeht, kaum mit einem Spiel wie "World of Warcraft" messen kann, so ist „Lego Universe“ ein sehr kinderfreundliches Spiel, das gut umgesetzt ist, sehr solide präsentiert wird und dem Spieler jede Menge Möglichkeiten lässt, was das Erschaffen von Häusern, Burgen und Objekten lässt.
85 (Nov 15, 2010)
LEGO Universe is a beautiful game with unbelievable graphics and great music. If you have an inquisitive nature, love to explore, love to create, love LEGOS and/or you have a lot of time on your hands, LEGO Universe will keep you entertained for nice long while, at least until LEGO Star Wars 3: The Clone Wars comes out.
Cheat Code Central (Oct 20, 2010)
LEGO Universe is addicting, and I can see adults enjoying it enough to open it at the office during coffee breaks. Overall LEGO Universe is a good game, but the technical issues keep it from being a great game.
Game Revolution (Oct 22, 2010)
Admittedly, the game may be overlooked by older gamers in favor of more graphically gory titles or groundbreaking design. But I can find no caveats, no flaws in the game that wouldn't be inherently present in a children's game. Is it worth the monthly fee of $10? Perhaps. That depends largely on your preferences. But if you have the time and an extra $10 to spare, I recommend giving the game a whirl, if only for the opportunity to build yourself a Lego bear fighting a Lego shark.
The Guardian (Nov 05, 2010)
Sadly, the game has one glaring flaw: the camera has an annoying tendency to zoom in too close, particularly when you're fighting. You soon learn to work around that, but it's a shame for what is otherwise a near-flawless game – it feels impressively smooth and slick. But, most of all, it's insanely addictive and will, at times, have you laughing out loud. The perfect introduction to MMOs, in other words – except that, when you graduate to more grown-up ones, you may find them disappointing in comparison.
PC Gamer (Nov 11, 2010)
It’s a shame that NetDevil didn’t pursue a free-to-play business model, selling small Lego kits as microtransactions (like they do with the real bricks). Lego Universe is an incredibly fun diversion, ripe with whimsy and creativity, but the subscription fee will drive away everyone but obsessive builders after they consume the skimpy content.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 25, 2010)
Recommended for Lego fans and families who want parent and children to be able to play a MMO together without either being completely bored. The few foibles in the game are mostly covered up by the quality of the game play, depth of the mini games and building mode, and similarities to the popular Lego series by TT Games.
Ten Ton Hammer (Nov 11, 2010)
If I could purchase nothing more than a standalone LEGO building set with an infinite number of bricks, I would. Until such a program is offered, I'm going to make-do with LEGO Universe. The adventuring side of the game is really just a distraction and a way to waste time until the next bout of brick-related inspiration hits, and will not offer sufficient content to satisfy the appetites of most gamers. Unless you, too, are a building fanatic – then you're in for a potentially limitless amount of creativity-fueled play time.
Gamereactor (Denmark) (Nov 01, 2010)
Går man ind i LEGO Universe med en god portion tålmodighed og gåpåmod kan man dog sagtens få et par hyggelige uger til at gå i spillet allerede nu. Jeg glæder mig eksempelvis til endnu en tur i spillet. Man skal dog ikke forvente en virtuel udgave af klodserne, der kan fornøje og indbyde til fantasi i samme grad som den ægte vare. Endnu.
GameCell UK (Nov 19, 2010)
I had a good time with my first few days, constantly learning the mechanics of the game and the various skills, and collecting bricks to use for my own creations. I’ll be jumping back in to see if this basic yet exceedingly well realized MMO can suck me in like other games of the genre have in the past, unlike so many other MMOs it certainly makes a good first impression. That said I can see kids having a great time with this and adults will enjoy reliving childhood memories. The ‘one month free’ subscription is very handy if you’re keen to check the game out. You never know, you might get hooked just by the building aspect or you may find the exploration worth your time, there’s a lot to see and do.
GamesRadar (Nov 09, 2010)
Keep in mind that Lego Universe is specifically designed for kids, even if it's a kid's game with some grownup appeal. Creative fun, not challenge, is the key concept here, and in that regard it excels. While this means you won’t be able to hang around your Anal Thunderfuries like some of you do in World of Warcraft’s trade channel, it also means that ever-concerned parents can introduce their kids to MMOs without worry about that same garbage. Lego Universe is undoubtedly off to a good start, its landscapes are beautiful and its music is fantastic. Combat is simple but fun, the user interface is fairly intuitive, and a little old lady in Dubuque could understand the controls. Until more content is released and other expected options such as a form of PVP are implemented, however, it may be a while before Lego Universe "clicks" with the larger MMO community, if ever. For gamers seeking to initiate their offspring into massively multiplayer gaming, though, it's certainly worth a look.
Gameswelt (Nov 10, 2010)
Die Idee ist wirklich putzig und im Ansatz auch gelungen. Ich hüpfe gerne durch die kleinen, aber feinen Welten und hatte beim Absolvieren der Aufträge mehr Spaß als beispielsweise bei Square-Enix’ Monster namens Final Fantasy 14 Online. Doch mittelfristig gibt es zu viele Störfaktoren: Die Sprungsteuerung ist zu hakelig, die Grafik zu schlicht und die Gebiete sind viel zu klein. Gerade Letzteres mutet bei einem Online-Spiel, das schließlich monatliche Gebühren verlangt, seltsam an. Wirklich stark ist nur die Musik, was ich gerade bei einem solchen Produkt wie LEGO Universe nicht oft genug loben kann. Ansonsten stelle ich die Moral hinter dem Gedanken „Wir machen ein MMOG für Kinder“ leicht in Frage: Müssen wir künftige Generationen bereits im frühesten Alter an ein Genre heranführen, dessen Spitzenvertreter bereits für bedenkliche Suchtfälle gesorgt hat?
Gameplay (Benelux) (Dec 24, 2010)
LEGO Universe is een kleurrijke en sfeervolle MMO, maar momenteel zit er te weinig diepgang in het spel om (zeker oudere) spelers lang te boeien, laat staan om er maandelijks voor te betalen.
PC Games (Germany) (Dec, 2010)
Ich respektiere das Ziel des Herstellers, eine kindgerechte Art der digitalen Unterhaltung am PC, vor allem für die jüngste Generation, zu entwickeln. Erst recht, da ich selber Kinder habe, die gerne am PC spielen, auch online. LEGO Universe bietet aber derzeit einfach zu wenig Inhalte, um damit ein monatliches Abomodell zu rechtfertigen. Zudem fehlen ordentliche Hilfen im Spiel. Die ganz Kleinen sind hoffnungslos überfordert, die Großen viel zu schnell gelangweilt.
61 (Nov 22, 2010)
Lego Universe zeigt Potenzial. Vor allem im übermächtigen Baumodus können sich Junge, Alte und Junggebliebene austoben, was das Zeug hält und mit den virtuellen Nachbildungen von Original-Lego-Bauteilen ihrer Fantasie freien Lauf lassen. Das Spiel drumherum, über das man erst an all die Klötzchen herankommt, ist allerdings eine mit Standardquests sowie biederen Minispielen gefüllte Durchschnittsmaus. Angesichts der jüngeren Zielgruppe ist das Anforderungsprofil ebenso gering wie der Zwang, mit Grüppchen loszuziehen - man kann wunderbar auch solo durch die farbenfrohen, stilistisch gelungenen Welten ziehen. Ein Manko, mit dem der Titel auf lange Sicht zu kämpfen haben wird, ist jedoch der Umfang, der Intensivspielern kaum mehr als ein durchzocktes Wochenende bietet.
Brash Games (Dec 05, 2010)
Whilst the youngsters may find the casual, no fuss pace of the game easy to get into and enjoy, and the older gamers find themselves enraptured with the impressive if sometimes clunky build mode, ultimately LEGO Universe suffers the same fate that many other Lego games have suffered in the past. It ending up feeling like a pale imitation of a toy you’d rather be playing with in the real world than in the digital one.
Ironhammers (Nov 07, 2010)
I find it hard to recommend this game, but it will undoubtedly appeal to children. Any child with the great desire to ‘complete’ the game, by finishing all the quests or getting all the achievement, will get frustrated to the point of tears with the lack of direction or ridiculous difficulty of some quests or achievements, and these sort of children should probably be held back from getting the game. Most children will probably bypass things that are too complex for them, and they will get rewarded with a friendly environment, and the ability to build stuff. They won’t, however, feel much accomplishment beyond their own creativity, and won’t learn anything from the game. This isn’t edutainment, and despite being an MMORPG, it isn’t all that social. I sense that the majority, if not entirety, of your time spent in LEGO Universe will be a solo endeavour, even if other minifigs are running around about you.
GameStar (Germany) (Oct 22, 2010)
Was will Lego Universe eigentlich sein? Zum einen bin ich mit klassischen Elementen eines Online-Rollenspiels konfrontiert, zum anderen bietet es mir kaum Möglichkeiten meinen Charakter zu entwickeln und zu personalisieren. Zudem sind die teils viel zu schweren Kämpfe und das ständige Sammeln von Legoklötzen und anderem Kram einfach kein Motivationsfaktor. Die »Sammelsucht«, bestens bekannt aus Spielen wie Diablo oder WoW, will sich hier einfach nicht einstellen. Der Ansatz des freien Bauens ist zwar durchaus interessant, verliert aber wegen des mühsamen Klötzchenzusammentragens und der teils umständlichen Bedienung schnell an Reiz. Der Vorsatz ein Online-Spiel kindgerecht zu entwickeln und entsprechend zu überwachen, ist sicher löblich. Allerdings glaube ich, Lego Universe hätte mir selbst als Kind wenig Spaß bereitet.
IGN (Oct 29, 2010)
LEGO Universe is what people in the real-estate industry would call a fixer-upper. There are a lot of issues that mask the elements that sets Universe apart from other MMOs, including bugs, strange gameplay choices and a general lack of content. If all you want to do is build, LEGO Universe might provide the perfect outlet for your creative juices at a fraction of the cost of actual LEGO, but you will have to contend with the multitude of issues that plague the wider game.
50 (UK) (Nov 12, 2010)
With triple the worlds to explore and a more robust and social building mode, this game could be a perfectly acceptable way for a LEGO fan to lose a weekend or two. As it is now, LEGO Universe starts as a pleasant distraction but promptly ferries you straight into a fierce, ludicrous grind that leads nowhere. That's one brick wall I could do without.
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (Nov 02, 2010)
If NetDevil start adding considerable new content to the world, and I’m talking about doubling what’s currently there at least, then I can see this taking off. Hopefully updates will sort out the awful inventory and confusing menus for brick building, and fix the utterly broken pet AI. And the damned mobbing. As it is, I can’t see how it will be worth anyone’s ongoing subscription.