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    Larry "hits the virtual strip" with a gambling resort like nothing you've ever seen. Doors set to open to computer gamers in May!

    Bellevue, WA, January 14, 1998 -- Sierra On-Line announced today that computer game icon Leisure Suit Larry has been named manager of his very own gambling resort, LEISURE SUIT LARRY'S CASINO, scheduled for a May 1998 grand opening. Available to armchair gamblers on Windows 95 CD-ROM, Larry's Casino is a gambler's paradise with table games, slots, poker, and some unique online multi-player games like you've never seen before. Casino players will be able to challenge computerized opponents from previous Leisure Suit Larry adventure games or play against live opponents via WON, Cendant's online gaming service at www.won.net.

    "When that 'venture capitalist' called me with his shady, masked voice and offered me my own casino, I was wired! It's not every day a guy like me gets an offer he can't refuse!" exclaimed Larry Laffer from his basement penthouse apartment in his new casino. "My casino is the coolest! Where else does everybody gamble in hot tubs?"

    "What can I say?" comments game designer Al Lowe, who moonlights as Larry's manager. "The poor slob got lucky...for a change. Who thought Larry would get total control? Just imagine Larry's taste in dယcor, his refinement, his subtlety. Why, it's style not seen since those free-spirited days of deep shag carpet, gold lamယ wallpaper and lava lamps. There's no casino like Larry's Casino!"

    Offering the ultimate gambling experience, Larry's Casino is expected to draw millions of visitors from around the globe. After checking into one of the casino's "standard" (i.e. no-star) hotel rooms, players select their on-screen persona from a large cast of characters made famous in earlier Leisure Suit Larry adventure games, then hit the tables in search of big winnings. In the casino, players can either compete against computerized challengers or go online to face live opponents in poker, blackjack, craps, roulette, slots, or wheel of fortune. The online play features a unique comic chat where emoticons are automatically translated into animated expressions on the character's face.

    Online winnings are paid in "Larrybucks," which can also be spent on virtual gifts, virtual drinks, virtual food and even a visit to the Quiki-Wed Chapel, where invited online guests share a virtual wedding, "Vegas-style," featuring Leisure Suit Larry's famous Elvis impersonation.

    But players shouldn't spend too freely, for once they've lost their starting bankroll, they must earn money back. How? Through a unique set of party games unlike anything on the Net. Larry's Comedy Club offers an interactive, online joke-telling contest where players tip the joke-teller with Larrybucks. Group Grope is a group story-writing game where participants write lines of an ongoing story and the funniest line wins both Larrybucks and fame. (The funniest stories will be accessible on the casino's web site library.) In Pick Me Up! players compete to write the best pick-up line. (Warning: all lines become the property of Leisure Suit Larry creator Al Lowe, who promises to use the best --and worst-- lines in a future Larry adventure.) And You Don't Know Dick! is that fabulous new online word definition game where players compete to write the funniest definition. Winners get showered with Larrybucks which can be spent anywhere in the casino.

    Available to armchair gamblers on PC CD-ROM in May 1998, a visit to Leisure Suit Larry's Casino will be available for the package rate of $44.95. Unlimited on-line play will be free via Won.net.

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    Sierra On-Line, Inc. is part of Cendant Software, one of the largest PC consumer software groups in the world, and a leader in entertainment and educational software. Cendant Software consolidates the sales, manufacturing, finance, accounting and management of Cendant Corporation's software divisions, including Sierra On-Line, Inc., Knowledge Adventure, Davidson & Associates, Inc. and Blizzard Entertainment. Cendant Corporation (NYSE: CD) is the result of the Dec. 17, 1997 merger between CUC International and HFS Incorporated, creating the world's largest business and consumer services company (based on market capitalization), with a focus on real estate, travel and membership.

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    Company Line (from Back Cover)

    It's Vegas Baby Larry Style


    Leisure Suit Larry and a Vegas casino - it's a match made in polyester heaven! Play 5 great Vegas-style games against the computer and a host of zany animated characters from Larry's past lives. Of course, if you prefer real women, you can play with the internet casino crowd for free on WON.net. Either way, you can trade in your Larrybucks for room upgrades, special treats and virtual souvenirs.

    See! ...expressions of your Internet challengers with Cyberface 2000.

    Hear! ...your animated opponents' bawdy zings and barbs.

    Feel! ...the vibes 24-7 as you entertain in public (and private) chat rooms.

    Smell! ...the tension as three Internet party games hone your social skills.

    Taste! ...is completely lacking from this game.

    Al Lowe, creator of Leisure Suit Larry, was inspired by his recent trip to Las Vegas where he was inexplicably mauled by white tigers (and Roy). You hold in your hands the result of his multiple head injuries.

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