Leisure Suit Larry's Casino Credits (Windows)

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Leisure Suit Larry's Casino Credits


DesignerAl Lowe
WriterAl Lowe
DirectorAl Lowe
ProducerCheryl Sweeney
Art DirectorJimmy Kowalski
Programming Lead Steve Conrad
System ProgrammingRob Kenny
ProgrammingGreg Hightower, Brian Johnston, Mark Martino
Art LeadTracy Boyd
3‑D BackgroundsRyan Blinsky, Michael S. Chavez
Background ArtDarlou Gams, Deane Marston
AnimationAlberto Eufrasio
Animation Ink & PaintRyan Blinsky, Darlou Gams, Deane Marston
MusicGary Spinrad
Sound EffectsGary Spinrad
Voice Casting & DirectorAl Lowe
CastingThe Voicecaster - Burbank California
Voice RecordingHollywood Recording Services
Voice Recording EngineerMark Howlett
DREAMS EngineerGary Spinrad
DREAMS Design & DevelopmentDavid Henry, Ben Houge, Chip Sandreski
Quality Assurance EngineerErinn C. Hamilton
Marketing Eddie Ranchigoda, Joe Roth, James Veevaert
Packaging and DocumentationKoren Buckner, Janice Buehrer, David Edgerton, Nathan Gams
Beta Test LeadPaul Reichlin
Compatibility TestsBeta Breakers
Quality Assurance TeamJen Abrams, Julie Bazuzi, Andrew Coward, Ken Eaton, Matt Eslick, Alex Jacobs, Erik Johnson, Phil Kuhlmey, Kate Powell, Bernadette Pryor, Sonya Rhen
Many CyberLarry 2000 Jokes byJay Seese
Special Thanks ToJim Edwards, Rod Fung, Scott Lynch, J. Mark Hood, Linda Westerfield, John Williams, Zippy the inflatable spitting miracle Llama, Eric Twelker, All the mothers and fathers; husbands and wifes; girlfriends and friends; and other significant persons[without them this game would be finished months earlier]
The CastSheryl Bernstein (as Captain Thygh), Scott S. Bullock (as Dick, Peter & Wang), Mary Kay Bergman (as Cavaricchi Vuarnet, Drew Baringmore, Wydoncha Jugg & Female Announcer), Peggy as Herself, Jan Rabson (as Leisure Suit Larry), Kevin Michael Richardson (as Johnson), Tasia Valenza (as Annette Boning), Anonymous[as Miss Triple X Bowling]
Inspired byThe famous talking bear

German Credits

Localization ManagementAntje Hink
TranslationRolf D. Busch, Thomas Schmidt
CastCornelia Bitsch
Audio DirectionThomas Schmidt
VoicesBerth Wesselmann (as Leisure Suit Larry), Cornelia Bitsch (as Annette Boning), Manuela Romberg (as Cavaricchi Vuarnet & Peggy), Petra Schwab (as Captain Thygh), Christoph L├╝dke (as Johnson & Narrator), Peter Engel (as Dick & Peter & Wang), Sabine Niethammer (as Drew Baringmore & Female Announcer & Wydoncha Jugg)
Recording StudioBroadcast ‑ Baden-Baden
Audio EngineerJens Hasler
DREAMS EngineerArndt Grass

The Leisure-Suit-Larry-Title-Song

Composed byAl Lowe
Arranged byFrank Zottoli
Performed byFrank Zottoli (Piano), Kim Hutchcroft (Woodwind Instruments), Tom Warrington (Bass), Claudio Slon (Drums), Mark Seibert (Guitar & Synthesizer & Percussion)
Recorded atChick Corea's Mad Hatter Studios - Hollywood California
Audio Engineer and MixerJeff Hall
Mixed atMaximus Studios - Fresno California

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