Leisure Suit Larry's Casino Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Intro - Yeah, Larry is back!
Intro - He's fearless as ever...
Intro - But now has a casino!
Title Screen
Well, that's your hotel room... I bet you will see the one of Larry 7 with better eyes from now
Choose your partner among an interesting number of characters from the Larry series (mostly LSL7)
Do you remember her? She's Cavaricchi Vuarnet, from Leisure Suit Larry 6!
Larry is surely used to that kind of places, but what would Cav think about it?
Casino Map
The entering of the casino. If you wait some minutes you will see some strange things happening
Ok, now you're in
That's one of the jackpot games, a clear allusion to -the then in process- Larry 8 can also be seen
Planet Larry
Huh, a sort of "aqua-poker"? Let's give it a try...
Looks like Larry was lucky there, unfortunately for Wydoncha
Now it's time for blackjack
Hotel Gift Shop
Le Trapeze Bar
It was possible to play on-line... some time ago, now you just can admire the background
Guess who are they!