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Lemma Credits

65 people (64 developers, 1 thanks)


Created byEvan Todd,


AnimationAntonio Yáñez (
MusicAshton Morris (, Jack Menhorn (
SoundAshton Morris (, Jack Menhorn (, Naila Burney (
ProgrammingJosh Coffey (
Voice ActingNaila Burney (
Promotional ArworkSam Gebhardt (


CGTextures source materialLemma/Content/Textures/red-rock.png, Lemma/Content/Textures/red-rock-normal.png, Lemma/Content/Textures/rock-grass.png, Lemma/Content/Textures/rock-grass-normal.png, Lemma/Content/Textures/hex.png, Lemma/Content/Textures/hex-normal.png, Lemma/Content/Textures/lattice.png, Lemma/Content/Textures/lattice-normal.png


SkyboxesTim Heldna (, Jockum Skoglund (aka hipshot -, Colin Lowndes (, The Mighty Pete []

Images / Photos

foliage.pngBased on Leaves-4145.jpg, David R. Tribble
Tribal photo'Índios isolados no Acre 3', Gleilson Miranda, Governo do Acre,, Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons,

Freesound Audio Source Material

Freesound Audio Source Material
lucid drone.waveby decembered, License: Attribution
coldwater_waves.wavby Corsica_S, License: Attribution
Water_Splash_Objects_falling.aifby Dynamicell, License: Attribution
SS BOOM 01.wavby sandyrb, License: Attribution
rbh rain 01-04.wavRichard Humphries (By), License: Attribution
mega-thunder.wavby Erdie, License: Attribution
rbh thunder storm.wavRichard Humphries (By), License: Attribution
salt 1-3.wavby melack, License: Attribution
Splash.wavby daveincarnas, License: Attribution
BreathOfDeath.aifGabe Miller (credited as gabemiller74), License: Attribution
Splash 1.wavby FreqMan, License: Attribution
Page_Turn_29.wavby Koops, License: Attribution


Player Model Adapted fromMakeHuman,
Moral support and maintenance of sanity thanks toThe Central Ohio Gamedev Group,
Polish TranslationŁukasz Zając, Bartosz Michalik
Spanish TranslationAntonio Baena
Hungarian TranslationZsolt Brechler
Turkish TranslationRecep Samed Ülger, Umut Can Turan
French TranslationLe-Kinder
Special Thanks toMy Parents

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (695736)