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Lemmings for Windows 95 & Lemmings Paintball Credits

34 people


Original Game DesignDMA Design
ScreenplayRussell Kay, David Lees
CostumesMark Ireland, Geoff Gunning
AnimationGeoff Gunning
Stunt Dog'Ben'
Original Music Produced ByTim Wright, Tony Williams
Music ConversionPC Music
Key GripDavid Cowan
CateringClark Brittas, Sheila Brittas
Best BoyRichard Swinfen
Foley ArtistBrian Marshall
Produced byRichard Baxter
Product ManagerDavid Dyett
Windows Help FileMichael J Farrell
Trained AssassinsCraig Duddle, Paul Evason, Chris Rowley
Quality AssuranceStuart Allen, Paul Evason, Nevin Gaston, Lee O'Connor, Pat Russell, John Walsh, Jonathon Wild
General DogsbodyAndrew Parsons
Manual byDamon Fairclough (remixed from the original)
Original Manual byMark Tsai, Alexander Aranyosi
Packaging Designed byKeith Hopwood
Manual Designed byAnthony Roberts
Boom OperatorJack McBoom
In House DancersWobbly Albert and his Anxious People

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Credits for this game were contributed by krammer (260)