Lemmings Paintball Ad Blurbs (Windows)

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Advertising Blurbs

Game Manual:
    Everyone knows the Lemmings. Green, fury, totally harmless.....

    Oh yeah?

    Tool' em up with a pump-action paint gun and before you can sing "who wanna be a painter man?" they'll be spraying the town white with a hint of plum and covering you in a variety of hard-wearing finishes. Gloss? No problem. Eggsheel? You got it. Woodchip? What ever you like sir, so long as it doesn't clash with the curtains.

    Lemmings Paintball puts you in control of up to four helpless Lemmings. They'll fall from the sky into a cuddly isometric then you've got to do the point and click until they've found the flag(s) that are their passport to the next level. Each level is harder than the last and along the way you'll have to solve no end of tricky puzzles involving levers, gates, sliding blocks, blazing fires, huge balloons and gallons and gallons of paint. Not to mention the enemy Lemmings who have paint guns of their own, a bad case of trigger paw, and an overwhelming urge to cover you more paint the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

    Contributed by James Walter (284) on Feb 19, 2002.