Lemmings Paintball Credits (Windows)

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Lemmings Paintball Credits


Game Developed byVisual Sciences
Game based on original characters created byDMA Design
Game ProgrammingDavid Cowan, David Lees, Richard Swinfen
ViSOS ProgrammingRussell Kay, Richard Swinfen, David Lees, Brian Marshall
Level DesignRichard Baxter, Mark Grossi, Geoff Gunning, Mark Ireland, Gregor Maltman, David Cowan
Music and Sound EffectsMike Clarke
Music ManagerPhilip Morris
ProducerRichard Biltcliffe
Product ManagerLaura McLeod, David Dyett
Public RelationsMark Blewitt, Dana Oertell, Mark Day
Quality AssurancePaul Evason, Christopher Graham, Lee O'Connor
Manual and Packaging DesignKeith Hopwood
Manual EditorDamon Fairclough, Richard Swinfen
In‑House DancersSteed Higgins, Top Division
Stunt DogBen
Tea BoyGareth Ashe
GrandadCharles W. Smith

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159455) and James Walter (284)