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Let's Explore The Airport Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The starting location
Inside the main terminal
Baggage Claim
Cockpit of a jet
Kitchen area of a jet
Two Index pages for encyclopedia
Blue are hyperlinks, green text is being read aloud
Nearby seaplane
What Is It? Minigame
Lost Luggage puzzle game
Look at the yellow sign next to the ladder - isn't it meant to be, well, just a little bit ironic? ;)
A nice image of the x-ray machine view screen.
I just had to highlight the word "person" because this particular person is a woman! Too bad that still the vast majority of airline pilots are male...
Some people waiting to board the plane.
An interesting scheme of a helicopter.
A view from the control tower (I liked the dyed, probably sun-proof glass very much).
I suspect a (welcome) conscious decision to present such technical professions as inclusively as possible. Let's hope some girl found it more convincing than pals saying "Chickz can't be pilotz"...
The airport garage with a very funny car - I'd have nothing against such cars in the streets.
Look at the open magazine (interactive elements like in other Humongous Entertainment games) - it's one of the relatively few inter-game references here, an ad for Putt-Putt games.
Another inter-game reference, this time to Freddi Fish games.
A more complicated level from the Lost Luggage game - this must be the best minigame in the whole series, it would be fun even as a standalone game.