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Let's Explore the Jungle Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Buzzy at the main overview
A screen of the life at the African jungle floor
4 mist
Life along the African waterway
Flatids and other African treelife
More life along the African floor
Capybaras and other life along Amazon waterway
Amazon waters
Life in the Amazon pavilion level
Lower down, in the canopy
Dholes and other Asian life along the water
Life in the Asian trees
Waterfall in Asian jungle
Jungle encyclopedia index
Jungle encyclopedia on South American Peccary
Minigames' menu
Anteater feeder "shooter"
Jungle Jumble - word/image unscrambler
A page from the encyclopedia.
You can find a few people in the jungle as well.
Of all the cats, the jaguar looks best in its encyclopedia page (my favorite, the tiger, didn't look too cute).
Here you can see the jaguar in its habitat - to find it, first click some bushes around the peccary (luckily, the poor fella will be quicker than the jaguar).
I always thought raw diamonds looked better than the ones in classic jewellery - here too.
A very colorful image of the chameleon.
Here you can see the chameleon, along with a cute leopard and some other animals, in its natural habitat.
A crazy and very colorful peacock (the coloring minigame).