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Let's Go Read: An Island Adventure Credits

91 people (71 developers, 20 thanks)

Design & Development

Art, Video, and AnimationMarcia Broderick, Jim Patterson, Fred Madrid, William Olmstead, Randall Polliard, Kirk Werner, David Abernathy, Jeff Brebner, Brent Flathau, Holly Gault, Gary Goodrich, Marie Groebl, Cathy Meyer James, Franz Krachtus, Wade Pickett, Henry Shires, Avon Whitehead, Wali Wilson
Development SpecialistShari Zehm, Mary Ann Hermann
Educational SupportBonnie A. Seiler, Don McCreary, Paula Randolph
Engineering, MacintoshRon Wilson, Lee Huang, Steve Palmen, Baiss Magnusson
Engineering, WindowsElizabeth Mackenzie, DeAnn Gaull, Todd Lucas, Jennifer Brown
Engineering, Tools, and Speech RecognitionPaul Elseth, Derek Taylor, Jesse Jones, Judi Jones, Tom Miller, Carl Samuelson, Paul Sinclair, The IBM Speech Team
GuideEric Gislason, Eileen Anderson, Heather Werner
Product ManagementTodd A. Sherman, Amy Schottenstein
Quality AssuranceCarolyn Flory, Philip Warwick, Rick Brachtenbach, Wynne Chandler, Lisa Den Beste, Julie Steckler, Reggie Mitchell, Dana Organ, Kristina Sontag, Andy Williams
Sound and MusicMike Bateman, John Young, Tzvi Lichtenstein, Hiro Shimozato, John Winston
Technical SupportRobert Ackerman, Mas Libman, Randy Meyerson, Eric Tilleson
Voice TalentGreg Bacon, Robyn Brook, Mary O'Donnell, Robby Seager, Jennifer Taylor
Writer, BooksJon Madian
Executive ProducerDonna Stanger, Scott Clough
Special Thanks toBryan Bleil, K. Ellen Challenger, Pat Davis, Kathleen Fahey, Jan Fowler, Janis Funk, Lisa Hitchcock, Russ LaValle, Horace Mann Elementary School, Ross Mortimer, Victoria Nelson, Susan Nickbarg, Jim O’Halloran, Steve Reddoch, Laurie Stoltman, Mark Tolleshaug, Mary Ann Trower, Elizabeth Ward, David Wright, and a very special thanks to all the children who helped us during development

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Credits for this game were contributed by Katie Cadet (10192)