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GameGrin (May 01, 2013)
All in all, Leviathan: Warships is a fantastic game both for the social commuter and the hardcore keyboard warrior. Customisability is key here and it’s all about how you strategically choose your ships and armaments. I can really see myself sinking hours into this - I thought I could make it an entire review without making a boat pun, but alas, I had to go and wreck it. Sorry.
Gameranx (May 10, 2013)
I can’t help but be impressed at Pieces Interactive’s success at making a deep, challenging strategy game that’s equally understandable and easy to play. That’s not something I see too often in the genre. For ten dollars, it’s an easy recommendation, as well. But with a player base that’s currently limited, I would advise rounding up some friends to sail with lest you find its waters lonely.
PC Gamer (Jun 19, 2013)
To pinch a land-based military phrase, perhaps with World of Warships still on the slipway, Paradox Interactive hope to steal a march on and establish a loyal player base with this absorbing game. And if this isn’t a paradox, with Leviathan: Warships they appear to be on fairly solid ground.
Gamercast (May 02, 2013)
With a challenging campaign that will see you taking out enemy bases, protecting convoys and rescuing helpless boats, great co-op and the ability to watch replays of your matches, Leviathan: Warships ticks all the boxes, whether you are looking for a quick turn based game to fill in those odd minutes here and there, or a beautifully drawn out game between old friends, it delivers.
Game Watcher (May 14, 2013)
The only other question about Leviathan is –where do they go from here? The obvious place would be new ship types, weapons etc… in the form of DLC, maybe even some maps, but to really keep people’s interest up, they’re going to have to start thinking outside the box a bit, because eventually, the competitive element amongst the community will find that winning strategy that defeats all strategies. If nothing new is injected into the game to shake things up a bit, then most of the enjoyment from this game is going to be ruined. Still, a great start to a great title, and we look forward to seeing what else the team has in store.
IGN Germany (May 01, 2013)
Vorbereitung, Koordination und Planung. Ohne diese drei Elemente geht bei Leviathan: Warships nichts. Das ist vielleicht nicht jedermanns Sache, aber alle Freunde von Strategiespielen mit Hang zur Detailverliebtheit sollten Leviathan unbedingt eine Chance geben. Es lohnt sich vor allem, wenn ihr viel Freude daran habt, im Schiffseditor herumzuspielen und die perfekte Flotte zu bauen oder einfach immer wieder neue Taktiken und Kombinationen ausprobieren wollt. Viele Optionen und viele Freiheiten lässt euch das Spiel und alles was es braucht, um an Leviathan: Warships Spaß zu haben, ist ein bisschen Mut zur Langsamkeit. Nur ein kleiner Tipp: Fangt nicht an, das Spiel auf Arbeit zu spielen.
IGN (May 11, 2013)
With easy controls and lots of customization options, naval battles in Leviathan: Warships shine in multiplayer but sputter in the stagnant single-player campaign. It's both an enjoyable light tactical experience and a gateway drug to deeper and more difficult to control games.
Destructoid (May 23, 2013)
Leviathan is best enjoyed if you already have friends playing. It’s a game that offers little to the solo player, despite the single-player campaign. With pals, it’s an entirely different, much more entertaining experience. If you do have a tablet, then I recommend picking it up for that rather than PC, purely because of the much lower price. All versions are completely identical, so you won’t be missing out unless you desperately want to play it on a larger screen.
3rd Strike (May 07, 2013)
Gamers who like strategic action games and always wanted to be an admiral of their own fleet should get this game. Leviathan: Warships has quite some nice features but it has it’s downsides as well. There isn’t a real storyline implemented, but the possibilities you get when making your fleet makes you forget this. This game is a good way to improve your strategic thinking and it might advance your seafaring talents at the same time.
Hooked Gamers (Jun 06, 2013)
There are a few people playing online but unless you plan to purchase and play it together with a friend, it is difficult to recommend the game. Leviathan: Warships has tremendous potential to become a lasting co-op or versus hit and hopefully it will pick up momentum. If it does, it should stop feeling a little less like it is dead in the water.
Dad's Gaming Addiction (May 01, 2013)
I highly recommend giving it a shot, especially if you enjoy strategic games that involve careful planning and have friends that you can play with. Multiplayer is where the game truly shines, so those who go in it for the single player experience may lose interest after a while since there is no AI skirmish support. Oh yeah, and there’s that “equipping naval ships with beam weapons and shields” thing…”Shields are down Scotty, FIRRREEE!!!”
Digitally Downloaded (May 09, 2013)
It is a lot of fun to see the moves committed, playing out in a sort of real-time environment. Then you examine the field of play, and try to outsmart your opponent on the next set of moves. All in all, this game provides a solid framework that could be expanded on and grow - especially if there is more of a community to support it. At least in the early going however, that lack of robust community does hurt a bit, since this game feels like it was made with multiplayer in mind.
PC Advisor (Jul 17, 2013)
Leviathan: Battleships is inexpensive, but there's currently no trial. The issue orders/see results style of play is very appealing to me, but it's not for everyone. I think there's enough fun to be had here, currently, to be worth the cost if you like tactical games, especially those with "build your own unit" functionality.
Softpedia (May 13, 2013)
Leviathan: Warships is a solid game concept that could have used a little more attention to detail and a tutorial that’s better structured. The entire experience is well balanced and uses a number of interesting core ideas and I can easily see the title eating 20 hours of my gaming life, especially if I can convince a number of my friends to stick to multiplayer for long enough to put up a solid challenge.
PCGamesN (May 04, 2013)
Ultimately, I find myself enjoying everything that’s in Leviathan: Warships, but that enjoyment is always tinged by reservations or frustrations. Still, it’s a strong foundation for more expansion, and quite a bit of fun for a budget price.
70 (May 24, 2013)
Leviathan: Warships verbindet geschickt Echtzeitelemente mit Rundentaktik und fordert meine strategische Planung. Flottenzusammensetzung, und Schiffsspezialisierung sind entscheidend für den Erfolg im Kampf. Leider ist die Einzelspieler-Kampagne viel zu kurz und schwach inszeniert. Der Fokus liegt klar auf dem Mehrspielerpart, der mich mit kooperativen Herausforderungen und spannenden Gefechten mit bis zu acht Flotten gut unterhält. Vor allem für eine schnelle Runde zwischendurch eignet sich Leviathan: Warships vortrefflich, was auch die Veröffentlichung auf iOS-Geräten und das Ermöglichen von Cross-Plattform-Gefechten unterstreicht. Dennoch wäre spielerisch und in der Kulisse an vielen Stellen deutlich mehr drin gewesen: Die Integration eines Stufensystems in die Kampagne oder etwas bessere Wassereffekte würden das Spiel erheblich aufwerten. So bleibt nur ein voll befriedigender Eindruck.
Chalgyr's Game Room (May 31, 2013)
Not a bad game, but definitely not a great one either. The strategy component is handled well, and it feels like a good framework that could be expanded on in the future. I like the naval theme, but I could see that expanded on in the future to include land combat and aerial tactics as well one day. Strategy fans may find something here that they will like, but not easy to recommend to others.
GamingBolt (Jul 19, 2013)
As I mentioned before, Leviathan: Warships is targeted for a specific audience. Obviously, die hard strategy fans won’t mind the slow pacing of the game. Although, the game does lack solo content and doesn’t really have much to offer to fans of these types of genres. If you have friends that dig these types of games and are willing to play multiplayer with you, then give this game a shot. However, if you’re looking for an engaging single-player experience then I am afraid you won’t find it here.
GameSpot (May 09, 2013)
Even with all these nifty features, Leviathan: Warships is pretty bare-bones; there just isn't much to this package, making the game seem incomplete. The fact that the total cost of the game's day-one downloadable content was greater than the actual game doesn't do much to help alleviate that concern. Nevertheless, the planning and intricacies of ship movement and the importance of maximizing point values make for some satisfying battles, though the depth of these concerns only truly become clear in the game's multiplayer warfare.
PC Games (Germany) (Jun, 2013)
Meiner Meinung nach gibt es viel zu wenige Strategiespiele, die sich ausschließlich mit Schiffsschlachten beschäftigen. Ich muss aber gestehen, dass die Singleplayer-Kampagne von Leviathan: Warships mich fast in den Wahnsinn trieb. So oft hätte ich vor einem wichtigen Zug gespeichert, konnte es aber nicht. Zudem waren die Mission eher austauschbar und die Story nicht einmal erwähnenswert. Was mir aber durchgehend richtig Laune bereitet, sind die Mehrspielergefechte. Alleine mit dem Zusammenstellen meiner Flotten kann ich mich gut und gerne stundenlang beschäftigen. Ein paar zusätzliche, kostenlose Karten für die Gefechte wünsche ich mir aber trotzdem.
Den of Geek (US) (May 05, 2013)
But for what it’s worth and for what Leviathan: Warships sets out to achieve for itself, it does well enough that the other missing features can’t really be looked at as glaring flaws, but rather wasted opportunities. The core gameplay is tight, albeit incredibly simple for a strategy game; and the visuals, though strong, are seriously lacking in the variety department. It’s just that I think the overall ambitions were set too low with this one and that maybe the game functions stronger in the sense of an iPad release with limited features, than a heftier, seafaring adventure. While destroying enemy ships is certainly fun, it won’t be long before you get tired of the same old formula and start setting your course for more exciting waters.
GamesReviews (May 10, 2013)
Leviathan: Warships is in now way a must-play title. For the right person it’ll be fun and addictive, but the right person probably has a list of games like this and they probably do much of what Leviathan offers with a higher degree of quality. As a full strategy game on tablets – something people were quite excited about when XCom was announced last month – it’ll be hard to knock, but on PC I’d only recommend if you were a definite fan of the genre or if you had more than a passing interest in the game itself.
Expert Reviews (May 24, 2013)
Leviathan: Warships did provide some fun and if you like the idea of a naval, turn-based game then it’s worth a play, if the cross-platform support also appeals then that justifies its £8 price. However, it didn’t do enough to really impress us, and given the lack of breadth in the gameplay we wouldn't call it a bargain.
60 (UK) (May 31, 2013)
On PC, this is a much tougher sell, but even then I could see my way to giving it the odd hour or two. What scuppers Leviathan is nothing more than a slightly slapdash release - and greed. The bugs in the controls will probably be fixed soon enough. But as for the 'extra content', sadly it's here to stay.
60 (May 06, 2013)
Wer definitiv auch online zocken möchte, bekommt hier ein gutes und taktisches Rundenstrategiespiel geboten, dessen PC-Steuerung die Entwickler zwar nochmals ein wenig überdenken sollten, das ansonsten aber eine ständige Anpassung eurer Taktik von euch erfordert. Reagiert auf eure Gegner, versucht, ihre Züge vorauszuahnen und passt eure Vorgehensweise entsprechend an. Das kann eine sehr spannende Angelegenheit sein, die natürlich auch mit ein bisschen Glück zu tun hat, aber am Ende gewinnt dann doch eher der bessere Taktiker. Und nichts ist befriedigender, als feindliche Schiffe auf den Meeresgrund sinken zu sehen, denn es zeigt euch, dass eure Entscheidungen die richtigen waren. Wirklich gut täte dem Spiel aber ein Editor. Dazu dann noch der Steam Workshop und die Community könnte sich selbst mit genügend Inhalten versorgen. Wäre doch eine Überlegung wert, oder?
Rock, Paper, Shotgun (May 28, 2013)
Considering the size of Leviathan, the random nature of critical hits and the apparent paucity of content, it manages to reward careful planning and deal out unexpected blows, and that’s reason enough to make a few brief daily visits worthwhile.
Gameplay (Benelux) (May 29, 2013)
Persoonlijk vonden we deze game zelfs leuker om te spelen op tablet dan op PC omdat de controls duidelijk op touchscreens zijn afgestemd. Maar ook op PC blijft dit een aanrader voor de doorbijters.