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Light Fall Reviews (Windows)

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What appeared to be a simple puzzle platformer turned out to be a great speed running experience for fans of early platforming. Light Fall may not win too many points in the originality category, but it honors the game’s it pays homage too well. Coupled with a fully realized world, Light Fall has plenty to offer for anyone looking to walk or run through the game.
Light Fall is a clever and artistically crafted puzzle platformer with a curiously compelling narrative and well balanced, steady rate of increasing difficulty that encourages you to try a little harder with each subsequent stage. Using the Shadow Core to solve puzzles is fun and satisfying, and the snarky remarks of your feathered friend Stryx can be quite entertaining as you wall run and do your utmost to avoid sudden death. Despite the smart stage design of the puzzles and hidden paths, the game feels oddly devoid sometimes and the sliding when stopping leads to far too many deaths for no good reason.
Way Too Many Games (Jun 01, 2018)
Overall, Light Fall is a great platformer that doesn’t reach its full potential. Maybe if the game was just a bit longer and had a more interesting world, as well as a better story, it could have been something special. Don’t even get me started on that final boss…
New Game Network (May 06, 2018)
Light Fall is a competent platformer that focuses on speed and utilizes the unique Shadow Cores to add some new mechanics to the gameplay. The controls and occasional stutter results in occasional moments of frustration, and the final hours provide an annoying spike in difficulty and lack of checkpoints. It's a nice looking game, though it uses a visual style that has been well-worn out in the genre at this point. If you're in the mood for a 2D platformer with some unique elements and can forgive some control and difficulty issues, Light Fall offers a worthwhile trek.
God is a Geek (Apr 26, 2018)
For three quarters of Light Fall, I was utterly engrossed in its harsh-but-fair mixture of platforming and puzzles. The story was engaging and I began to wonder where it would go next, and the way everything was presented in that wonderful 2D style with the silhouettes against beautiful, simple backdrops? Exceptional. It’s just a shame that the last quarter of the game is so poorly executed, because it really does leave a sour taste in the mouth.
We Got This Covered (Apr 30, 2018)
To return to my original argument, Light Fall benefits tremendously from being a 2D platformer. It’s pretty clear that its funding was already being stretched to the limit, what with the complete nosedive in quality it takes in the last 30 minutes. Without the inherent simplicity of the genre, it’s likely that some other element would have suffered as well. Instead, the game is straightforward, attractive, and smartly designed as a speedrunner’s dream. Is it a programming masterpiece? No, but that doesn’t erase the fun I had with it.