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Lighthouse: The Dark Being Credits

85 people (80 developers, 5 thanks)


ProducerOliver Brelsford
Designer/Art DirectorJon Bock
Executive ProducerCraig Alexander
Lead ProgrammerSean Mooney
ProgrammersWilliam Shockley, Chris Carr, Doug Oldfield
WritersJon Bock, Susan Frischer
3D Studio Senior ArtistMichael Hutchison
3D Studio Artists and AnimatorsChristopher Willis, Donald Waller, Daryle Smith, Ernst Shadday, Richard Powell, Eni Oken, Linda Lubken, Travis Leonard, Darrell Johnson, Jon Bock, Darvin Atkeson, Mark Aro
Alias Lead ArtistBrian Judy
Alias Artists and AnimatorsKim White, Donald Waller, Brandee Prugh, Linda Lubken, Brad Clarkson, Jon Bock, Metropolis Digital
Lightwave Artists and AnimatorsTony Hernandez, Daniel Peters
Character DesignTravis Leonard, Richard Powell
Character ModelingViewpoint Datalabs
Character Texture MappingTravis Leonard, Brian Judy
Post Production Senior ArtistDana Moody
Post Production Artists/AnimatorsDaryle Smith, Robin Phanco, Mike Troup, Karin Nestor
Senior Sound ConsultantJay D. Usher
ComposerBrian Min
Assistant ComposerVictor Crews
Audio EngineersCraig Denny, Randy Littlejohn
Additional AudioPaul Shilling, Ron Lawson
Motion CaptureBiovision
Motion Capture Cyber-ActorDonald Hom (Kosmo)
Sound Recording TechnicianErnie Sheesley
Manual DesignLori Lucia
Quality Assurance ManagerMichael D. Jones
Team Quality Assurance LeadJudy Crites
Quality Assurance Configuration LeadSharon Simmons, Cindy Romero
Quality Assurance ConfigurationMarsha McCarty, Steve Deckert, Jillian Leonard, Leonard Salas, Mark Budge, Mike Pickhinke, John Ratcliffe, Douglas Wheeler, Nathan Clark, Joe Carper, Michael Brosius
Technical Support LeadPaul Reichlin
Director of TechnologyLarry Scott
Systems DevelopmentDavid Artis, Ed Critchlow, Dan Foy, Jay Lee, Terry McHenry, Christopher Smith, Greg Tomko-Pavia, Bryan Waters
Special ThanksDoug Brown, Linda Burns, Beverly Lexvold, Margie Walling-McFee, Cyndi Wharton
Casting and Voice DirectingCharles de Vries
Voice of The Dark BeingKerrigan Mahan
Voice of ComputerMarc Eckelberry
Voice of Dr. Jeremiah KrickPhilip Proctor (English), Bruno Stepahne (French), Curt Lowens (German)
Voice of LirylRomy Cutler-Lengyel (English), Bernadette Colomine (French), Bettina Spier (German)
Voice of MomLeigh French (English), Bernadette Colomine (French), Bettina Spier (German)
Voice of EditorAndy Goldberg (English), Marc Eckelberry (French), Kai Wulff (German)

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Credits for this game were contributed by iShrek (3693)